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Skit I Allt - Instrumental (Dungen)

the lyric I said
You kick beats in the bed, I be creatin' instead
People booge in crowds, we can boogie alone
Though the music is loud you're in a 3D zone
the name of
N-i-n-j to the motherfuckin A
Straining your brain like T.V. Static
Check out the funky 3d graphics
Rave visuals, enter my digital zone
As I
Too easy, man can't a motherfucker round you see me
You'd need a AK and a genie, a whole POUND of wheaties
My heart so freezy, 3d birdie
Maiz, three ash, three see, 3D
J-be's J-be's yeah
One, uh 
We out
of the hardest artists in the world
Freedom of speech got me preaching to every G on the street
We got to eat so fuck the P.D. three striking me
Not liking me want
before they get smacked up.
One by one, two by two, three by three, yo p

Pass the Uzi, to blow up, any whack MC that show up,
There goes one, blast
punk, slack up. 
Watch your weak posse before they get smacked up. 

One by one, two by two, three by, Yo P

What's Up  E.D.?

whip like me
Pop {shit} like me, pretty V.I.P.
on the M-I-see, with my man, Easy Mo Bee
So Mo Bee, says Angie, got a beat that I want you to meet
Yeah, you T P nigga, come on! K L see nigga, come on! Holla!

I done tightened up on my G dog
Wacko outcher flippin' these hoes like see saws
P. Rock
(repeat 3X)
"Heavy ammunition, so I don't have to dip, so.." -> E. Sermon
"Pack Pistol Posse, flow some more pro shit..." -> Redman

[Tame One]