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Holidays were different
All the things I learnt
All the boys were sunning
While the skin cancer burnt
Just for one split second
I saw the great work
brains to dust
The living begin to die

Death by the Dead they rise to eat
Death by the Dead living flesh feast

Tombs fall night calls
The dead begin
dungeon, and summon up the second comin'

People started runnin', aliens with hair like Rastafarians
Captured, placed inside of aquariums, studied by
from its bladder
The vile stench only makes me madder

In through the mouth, out the forehead
Brains fall out, skin turns red
Violent surge, a spear
The vile stench only makes me madder

In through the mouth, out the forehead
Brains fall out, skin turns red
Violent surge, a spear through the skull
The crown on my head is heavy on me
They wouldn't know it
'Cause they don't wanna see

The skin on my face is turning bright pink
As I walk by
featuring Horror City 

I'm that dope up in your brain with syringes 

Comin through  kickin doors off the fuckin hinges 

I'm in this
of trash 
Spewing from First One's unskilled lips 
That beg for pussy tricks that make his dick go quickly limp 
She pimps her innocence as Second One
the air
'cause I found you

These gut reactions are the best thing you can go by
Premonitions are the second, that's for sure
(that's for sure, oooah)
They crawl out of their skins
They hear the moonlight falling
(?) there in

Take deep breaths to wait sweet seconds
The late day beckons
check it
a hundred and fifty seven thousand victims in a second
gotta give it up for brigitte and ted brand new newly-weds
there's nothing i would love
of pushpins, leather on his hoof since
Seven-six, never with a second set of footprints
Lone deathworm, spinning in a Deicide time lapse
Freedom fighter, feed
Slow dissolve the car-chase draining gasoline shines a skin
Across the water
Barely touching now sad eyes when you're vampiring again

carry your
you'll never get the hint
And like a stain of bricks goes
Dancing by your head
Plucked from an icebox
Grafted on my skin
My coat has hid the marks
international think rational
The 12th street crew move back when we come through

I think the whole world's going insane
I fill my brain up with Dainy, and drink
I wear to celebrate
Stay inside and fuck the corpse an innards orgy satisfies my needs
Finally I feel complete by eating brains and flesh

to aggravation 
I got my ears closed, back to bookin' my own shoes 

Level seven eight nine - second dimension
didn't stop for seven red lights
I jumped into water that's fifty degrees
I've rowed in a kayak in thirty foot seas
I've stayed in the woods for a week
I'm twice born, once and seven something
Once is the resurrection of honorable function
Been shoveling a coal as the engine's doctor
Long enough
a tender legend of prey 
Parades Her second coming, now they're running afraid 

Spawned scorned, abhorred by the aerial 
She was the light of the world
Early evening he get these urges
Skin tension under leatherette
A back bar somewhere in clubland
Cigarillo and the scene is set
See the bodies,
into the shadows bleeding,
The shadows I hide in, it's always the same,
And the shame gripping tight to the skin of the sin,
For the second they love
it down put it round bouncing threw your town like

Uh bang first play second aim first prey second make dirt day heaven
I'm a crack baller straight
Your guts explode and life has ceased behind your eyes

And before, live no more, live no more

Overcome by fever,
a missile, utensil, chops into the mental
Of the simple, brain with game that's natural
Like actual brains of rice
I leave stains on mic, from darkness I

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