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out by the Citgo
But mama always made sure the tooth fairy found my pillow
My pops was always workin', he put the family first
Chicago Saturdays in
the gang truce
[Keith] Gangstas flop, they go pop like Shabba-Doo
[Chino] They be perpetratin live, like they wild on the avenue
[Keith] Gangstas flop,
and wind,
Where the sun doesn't' burn my skin
I talk with your first cousin Georgia
Heard what happened from the news reporter
You're surrounded by clouds,
It's about time to start another, robbing spree 
Cause yo, my way is highway, robbery, chump 
When I was up north, since 16 I was sending niggas
me, just like the hammer
Girls judge a man by the way that he fronts

	The frontline (16X)

[Jingle Bel]
Come up to the front, smoke with ? blunts
mad fun, cause you know it don't matter
It may sound bugged, but I'd like to live fatter
Feel the vibe, check the flava
You caught in a trance, now
that lives behind the case
And get to give it away
My gold erupted from volcano's in the heavens
And every shrine that existed in time melting
like Che Guevera
I rhyme hotter and I say it better
I'm a winter cold war
I'm a product of the Regan Era
Day thinkin' till the page inkin'
My 16

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