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Sleighfoot learned one day
Without skis, he could ski

So when the night 'fore Christmas Eve
The reindeer stable burned
He skied downhill and saved
Winkin', whistlin', roundin' the bend,
Here comes tomorrow, and lookin' like a friend
Blue skied stranger, sun in your hand,
Please let it fly
Careless hands...

Oh, skies are falling down
Skies are falling down
Oh, skies are falling down
Skied are falling down

See, the birds are
And you're out there high
Skied up on that coke 
Hey, baby
Don't you even care?

You took my credit cards
Driving around in my car, too
You checked into
the quiet slender
Of a field of columbine
I skied on crystal pathways
To a mountain peak so tall
And I walked the mighty summits
With the one who made it
Remember that Christmas with just a few friends 
And the whole town was covered with snow 
We laughed and we loved as we skied in the sun 
It seems such
a simple thing,
Like an old wheel barrow filled with summer rain, soft warm cake, and a blue skied day,
Your smile

Your Smile,
Like sunlight dripping
assed bread
He drilled to the big outside and clung like a tick to his waterfront
Life mooned and clouded, blued and skied
And all the clocks blew up

Starry skied countryside, magnetic feet on the city street
Oh, it’s so hard

Oh, it’s so hard
Ask yourself, “Who am I?”
Even angels cry
to folks
Sleighed the fields and skied the slopes
Then to the lodge for dinner
Now it's time for us to go
As our hearts melt like chimney snow
in high tide
Move like my friend history here told me
Clear-skied when the clear eye opened
My new moon to the new land
Won't you come with me
Everybody's searching for something
Something that they can call their own
Wishing, hoping, waiting for empty skieds to open up
But they don't
the Orion upside down
Total eclipses and moonlight shadows
We've seen dolphins jumping waves
We've ski'ed the mountains and we swam in the rivers
And let
those stars they can cast a spell
I been caught with red hands.

I scaled the mountains skied the valleys
I've done the highs and the lows
I don't
school? Because I skied.
Step back, get back,
Come out of my face yeah,
I'm just trying to live my life.


I feel a little tired,
I feel
grey-skied morning
Heaven's over your head
Will you meet me in the middle
Like you said

I see the rain start falling
As your leaving out the door
tell me put the weed out
Honey got her feet out, the dudes coked up looking skied out
Tapped her on the shoulder like let's be out
Now should I speed it
in my chevy let's fuck his ass up
And if a hata buck let's fuck they ass up
I'm black skied-masked up whateva is whateva'
I'm watchin' niggas posted
and my bitch fightin' over my notes
All my niggas skied north makin' a toast
Till hell, just gimme bad bitches in Channel
Connects wit, Chinese cartels
tried to dip me
Balled out in bingo halls, reported skied out in jury duty
Judge Judy, big groupie bitch blew me, Beigen rush Cuffies
Blast the last
my call for help, you're in another world boy!
I've lost my faith in the pure, blue skied summertime

I've been lying awake at night thinking,
cocaine became his pleasure 

Puruvian rock never cut with speed 

And he gets skied until his nose would bleed 

And that was just one weakness,must
MC's like math 
Bend you in half and drink a Genuine Draft 
I stop him, then I skied out with all wampum 
When he's layin on the ground, I let my Dog
Whether we saving fuck the last thing we did
And let the cops see all the shit that I did
Like spittin' on them foxies skied up
In the palm of my dick

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