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(Andrew M. Gold/Gary Burr)

Let's just say it's raining
And you come in where it's dry
And we strike a conversation
While the storm is rolling
Raven And Julie Andrews
Some girls are fair
Some are jolly and fit
Some have a well-bred air
Or a well-wholed wit

Each one's a jewel
Midnight six sixty six
Torment beastial sex
Mother screaming in pain
Father rules hell's domain
I don't want to be born
I don't want it
Leave me in
by the Wexford border

From her snow white streak in her jet black hair
Over sixty years I've been loving her
Now we're sat by the fire in our old
ain't starvin' like Marvin and won't see no roach
When ya chill wit the rich folks in the hood
Ya sittin' on leather watchin' big screens
Bought by
of Dark Desires
Elizabeth Bathory

Now the hour is comed, the time is right for the feast to take its roll
And by the sunrise sixty bodies will be found
Turned off the tv
Sat down to dinner
Phone rang, we were saying grace
Grandma died
Left us sixty acres
The last of the old home place

In the year of sixty two the land received a soul
A baby cried, a mother smiles,
A hero made of gold
A heart like a burning flame
Beats like
I roll
Yeah nigga I do this fuckin' shit
Count money, get my hair braided by your bitch
She drivin' me around town, nigga
Where I'm at nigga? Dog
Chased by a shot of Scotch whiskey, brew brisky
For sixty years, misty bottles of Crysty in the freezer
Red twist leaf, melted in spliffy, Cali blunt
some pushed on to California
And others stopped to take their rest.
And by the Spring of Eighteen-sixty
They had opened up the west.

And then
a marriage
And a baby who lays in a gold carriage
Now I can't leave, if I do she gets half
(Not the cash)
Oh yes, the whole damn bash of money

So I
Turned off the TV, sat down to dinner
Phone rang, we were saying grace
Grandma died left us sixty acres
The last of the old home place

Sixty acres
Ooh, yeah, SNP livin' the good life
Can you pace platinum and gold
Lexus, drop top, gold
Big houses, crazy dough
Mad lucci, crazy Gucci
the gold faucets
Be cautious, well known to take the weak hostage
U.S Marshalls on the way and they cut open the gates
Know we going to trial by the look
That's what my customers call it
Grabbed two houses they jumped to like sixty eight by they self
Straight out the pot to the bag, they both weigh seventy
they're gonna get sprayed
        Their intimidator, your Scarface
        What's goin' on (huh) what's takin' place
        I don't wear gold but I clock
big big dummy
Just my luck, that I'm stuck with a marriage
And a baby, who lays in a gold carriage
Now I can't leave, if I do she gets half (not
the night
And even if this hall collapses
I can stand by my pillar of hope and trust
That our heads won't bust

Sixty six fifty five red battleships
in my pocket when I unleashed the green 
Gold tank around my neck my pistol's close at hand 
I'm a self made millionaire in these silly streets
Had 12 stuck to my chest in the field with the Colt
Andrew Luck with it
We had the rock, hit the block like what's up with it
Jay was in the Z, my
Only difference is Chuck might give you that call
To march on Friday, yeah, it's kind of frightening
Let me move so I don't get hit by the bolt
made an invasion to the gates
Gates left golden dust behind them, after they were rumbling down
And sixty devilish creatures, attacked against the walls
and a half a bag of weed
Heading down the tracks to Mexico
Fucked on beer and staying gold

I drink cheap beer, so what, fuck you 
I drink cheap beer, so
FUCK y'all niggaz talkin' bout cheddar
[Ras]	Brought to you by your millennium group, The Horsemen
[Can]	Four swordsmen
[Ras]	From the land