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to let the babysitter suck my dick when I was littler
Smoke a blunt while I'm titty fucking Bette Midler
Sniper, waiting on your roof like the Fiddler
your hopes too high
Daddy he's a dreamer reaching for the sky
Still I waited by the window at Christmas time
And I sat on the front steps as Easter
Graduated U of M, summa cum laude, few of them
Just had her first IUD, ain't tryin' to have birth by Obie T
Louis bag, big as shit, rule area,
Yeah, I was on that corner, tryna get my coins up
Coppers run up on us and we turn to Jackie Joyner
White man kill a black man, they never report
raised by my momma
Pop used to beat her
Got a sister my age, my pop was a cheater
Gram's kept something in the pot for us to eat up
Had to open up
Life is short is what some nigga said
Not if you measure life by how one lives and what he did
It's funny how these black killer companies is making