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don't know if you're truly someone's dream
But my mind is open to you now

Now Emily brings a tray of parfait
To the troops of sinuous felines
miles of fertile ground
With walls and towers shrouded around

And there was gardens bright with sinuous rills
Where blossomed many an incense-bearing
Ain't no aphro nor halo
Can pick that cotton out your concience

Inside the petting zoo (Was it good for you?)
Can't hide me in dark, ripe and sinuous
the grains of wrath blazing a path from sea to shining sea

Oh, the sinuous trails of concrete rails and exhausted roars
Population wars setting our future
a genius?
Hardest workin' man in the business
Shufflin' grooves from the underground
Nobody move, must be James Brown!
Wu Tang, mix it up sinuous
Little death, agelessness
Dark lit rooms of blackberry necks
A curious stare leads to sinuous cues
Out the window inhibitions flew
There's just
thoughts full of desire
That I must banish
Like a vampire who hide his teeth
If the bill is so high, I'll take a loan
The water is sinuous like sheets made
alone again
You'll never be alone again

I've seen the sinuous road
That leads to virtue
There's no gold in that mine
You've been searching for years
walking right towards me, the moon is shining on her sinuous figure

Hey Babe! let's get it on
Hey Babe! let's get it on
Hey Babe! let's get it on
Hey Babe!
This cold I can't stand
Thy old sinuous road makes it so hard
To straighten up my mind
Creatures outside light
We shall feast tonight

With a great
to the solitary coffin

This lies under the candle's flame,

The flame dance as a sinuous and seductive body of

A viper woman

There are not flowers in the sad
as a virgin’s hair
Where sinuous fountains murmur her mellifluous breath
Skin pale like the gravid moon
Her taut flesh a ripened fruit
Ineffable sweetness,
Seeking destiny there

Ivory towers are crumbling eliciting favors
From the sinuous breadth of our gracious enslavers

Evil appears
Nocturnally releasing
She comes from the anti-earth
Not a prisoner of time or space
From the timeless time of all arises the serpent of infinity

Leaving a sinuous trail
of gold
And many come to gaze into her eyes
And praise her supple beauty and her grace
The elegant symmetry of her feline face
The sensual sinuous curve
Wandering through the boundless waste
under a spectral red sun’s dim light
in a strange, sinuous pilgrimage
to the massive, benighted archetype
to put me on
I'm gonna piss on your fucking Corpse

 Fucking slut
 With her cursed hands stroking the sticky breasts
 Psycho hoe
 Sinuous in your gloomy
and sea

Sinuous shapes of destruction
burning everything in the path
leaving a lurid scar
all over the fields of Pompeii

Horror and despair
a sea, between us
Friendship will sail at ease
And if the dark roads are sinuous
We know we’ll find some release

We share the laughs, the rhythm and sound
Corrupted stream, poisoned signal, sinuous lies.

Humankind waits to rot as they spend the air.
Carbon Dioxide fills the bunkers.
Death uses no discretion
from relief, sinuous thinking freed 
A farewell, a last serenade, farewell 
Eyes too shivered to see, skin on skin, againg leaves 
Among us, smell,
and through the sinuous paths
Strolls this company-the odour of evil left behind

Sensuality pours like a fresh mountain-spring
Evil's voluptuousness fills
I'm my way to explore
The weather can be windy and cold and the road can get sinuous
I will answer this inner call, only going on this purpose
Darkness approaching slow, inexorable
Sinuous coils of smoke surround me
In the midst of the current of a restless world
Inscrutable figures invite

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