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poured out all your loving
How you think now, you poured out all your loving
How you think now, you poured out all your loving
The sinkhole that you got
followed you down the path
To the sinkholes of our past
(We try it, we try it, we try it, we try it)

Yeah, we will try to fill 'em up
And maybe it will
Well it's sundown in the sinkhole,
It's sunrise up on the hill.
The thieves are sleeping in Hades palm,
And they're keeping very still.
They say wash in the river of Jordan
Wipe away your sins like I've done mine
And the people then they'll be equals
There's too many sinkholes
And the water had abated
You drank your share
But you still could not be sated
Quicksands of the mind
And the sinkholes you may find
When you look through
Like a sinkhole
Like a sinkhole
Stars are born then fucking ate up in a day slow
What does it show?
What does it show?
C-c-cut off all
Relearning things that I already know

(This is Nowhere Land, you're in the habit of never letting go)
(You're dancing in a sinkhole)
I'm calling your bluff
gotta hold me down?
You're quicksand, you're a sinkhole
Your'e the fall beneath my stand
Got me falling out of love and trying to land

like a sinkhole
Like a free throw, man I'm ballin' out
Blew a kiss to the girls, now they fallin' out
I pull up in the streets, our Cutlass like bingo
the window
She screamin', I body slam her on the cement
Until the concrete gave and created a sinkhole
Buried this stink ho in it, then pay to have
But is it worth it for me to ask
Which branch fell and left me here
To crawl through this sinkhole?

What could I ask that you help me hold
you be there waiting, awake until sunrise.

I have traveled in darkness, for what seems like days,
I crawl from these sinkholes collapsed under this
Broadway is black like a sinkhole
Everyone raced to the suburbs
And I'm on the rooftop with curious strangers
This is the oddest of summers

Under the city, people's dreams collecting
Look down the sinkhole in the kitchen basin

Down the sink
Back and forth, follow the stream,
the river goes to the sea
Hold on the rive's comin' down on me
The killin' field has come to main street
Scatter guns in the liquor store
Rifled sinkhole
an asshole
Fuck me good then I fuck so long
That the moon and the sun switch position, a sinkhole
And I roll it over, I call it a pick roll
I'm on top, I
a sinkhole, it's out of control, wow

Riveting whirlwinds gripping the world
Women and children wait a minute we're all in jeopardy

The wind brought
saw better days,
Cherished every moment,
Saw a priest for my atonement,
when right back out and did it again,

Fell into a sinkhole,
While it was
down a sinkhole to a susurrus,
couldn't just be John Doe or Bingo
My address, a made-up language written out in living glyphs lifted 
from demonic
womb is a sewer
Your womb is manure
But still, I'm worse

My life is a sinkhole
Egregious and rude
Worm fested and filthy
Froosty and lewd
A womb
a sinkhole
Still keepin' it cool in the pistol
Me and dope's like green to a pickle
Yeah folk, like a haystack to a sickle

Never brought back home
sorry image of some grinning 'caster staring at a sinkhole piling up disasters making the footage raw now parade the muscles trying to make their dicks
getting bigger like a sinkhole
Taken away from you without hearing your say
Why couldn't I spend just one more day?
You value whats behind you the golden
So, as today, the rest of the year
A place to hear coyotes call
And where there's a river and a sinkhole to fall
I give my debts to those that I

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