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I never will marry
I'll be no man's wife
I intend to stay single
For the rest of my life
One day as I wander
Down by the sea shore
The wind it
you ready, don't you know dawg?
J.L., Big Al, come on and roll wit me
Suella (laughing)
This is for all y'all, look
Just cause I call
long, too long
Wella, wella, wella the coffee's too weak, steak is too strong
Got an idea I been single too long
I ain't gonna lead this life no more
Still waiting here for a single idea 
In your clothes and your hair 
I wore it last year 
Oh no, doncha follow me no more 

I said, "Oh no, doncha
You feel so ordinary
They feel so ordinary

Hey everybody's someone
No matter where you come from
There's light in every single star
You're more
the set
Now there's only singles
There's no looking back
This time I mean it

Are you happy now?
Oh tell me how?
Are you happy now?
(Are you happy?)
the set
Now there's only singles
There's no looking back
This time I mean it

Are you happy now?
Oh tell me how?
Are you happy now?
(Are you happy?)
to eat and get to stay for more 

If your sure that you want to get touched 
Fuckin' with the one hon like no problem 
Hang for a few, then we get
My single mind's outta ???
Big and strong like me
A couple more Jack's
And there ain't no skull 
Cupid could be like me!

Find me a woman!
Let's go
find value there
I'll not be scorned by failure
I'll not relent

Now my conscience shall dictate my way
No more apologies no more mistakes
there's no more barking up the tree, no more howling at the moon
Same old scene, you and I, diving for the deepest trust
That is why, I gave my promise
At your service again

Once more again, oh no
Once more again, oh no
He drives them crazy
Drives them mad
His very own Olympiad
Once more again oh no
more about life on the streets than in school
Sweet Mama didn't raise no fool (No she didn't)


Some folks cheat and some folks
You don’t forgive the silence for not speaking up
No matter how hard we’re trying it’s not hard enough
Your eyes before the lightning to meet it by
Rained down for us
A high place the moments pass
Every single one
Is a head rush
I’m still
And plain
No more words
I fought by
roll by in silence all the while
I feel your presence at my side
No need for words, time moves on
If in the end there's something more
All this will seem
and bold
And everything he touches
Turns to gold
He's got girls by the score
He's got 'em screaming for more
But when they get too close
He bars the door
by noon
Charlie's black cat with a bad time tune

Sad to see things that were kind
I'm no Has-been's clever child
Well of wishing, want you more
find no place to born she child,
Not a single room was in sight.

Hark, now hear the angels sing...etc.

By and by they find a little nook

sounds like a lie
Blessed by the hands of God 
Or cursed by the tongue of the devil
Who do you serve?

No more ignorance, no more complacency
'Cause I will always be here by your side
Don't be mistaken there's still some work to do
Gotta get up every single day

Face the judge and jury
need you
I find as time goes by, oh I need you even more

Nothin' feels as good, as good as us together
Nothin' in the world, no; there ain't nothin'
You walk by the magazines
Sitting on the rack at the CVS
One more sad movie star divorce
Three hundred died in an airplane wreck
And you think
With the promise of life
We are strong
We will carry on

Kill the idols

No more disillusion
Let them say what they will (what they will)
King born today
And man will live forever more
Because of Christmas day

Now Joseph and his wife Mary
Came to Bethlehem that night
They found no