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simple man
I'm dreaming on good for a sicker plan
Sicker than any other nigga could be thinking then
I can't be a loser 'cause they figure that
I can't
The fire burns on and on
That drives me on till all is gone
Except the simple plans
Of mice and men

Back when I was just seventeen
I thought that I
Oh simple girl
Oh foolish man
Trying to bend these lovers rules
Into a simple plan 

Oh aching bones on sleepless bed
They toss and turn
What started as a vision
Became my struggle and my mission
Just a simple plan a simple band
And I always said I can
Never allowed our
pretty simple math
I'm dreaming on good for a sicker plan
Sicker than any other n**** could be thinking man
I can't be a loser could've figured that
the whole wide world
Is I can see the makings of a memory
I remember how it used to be
Well I'm still dreaming

Cause I dream of simple things
I can
A simple plan that surely can
Make humans act synthesized
I think he's homogenized

The program to make a man
A simple plan that surely can
Make humans
There'll be no fanfare to begin
It's back down to simple pleasure again
The well-laid plan has worn thin
It's time to put it down

Well, courage
simple, oh

But what is the plan,
For all of this?
Where do I crawl?
Where is the wall?

I long to see the sympathy
That lives inside of you.
northern English rain
He was proud of everything he drove

And mother's hair was fashioned, for that very special day
She cried on board the liner
the life you want and never be bothered by me
For I am just a simple guy who couldn't keep up with the pace
Cause in the world you live now for me there is
He was just a workin' man, 
Simple rules and simple plans, 
Fancy words he didn't understand, 
He loved with his heart, 
He worked with his
of the devils plan 
Says no way to show, where he stands 

Poor simple man, we seen red blood drip from his hands 
Oh simple man, your happiness, don't stand
knew he was
A little rough around the edges
Simple in mind but always had a kind eye for you
(Oh for you, for you)

He took me by the hand
And said
Get the fire as the flame it burns
Get the wind as it slowly turns
Get the earth as it circles by
Get the sky sea creation fly

This point
Yeah, all the hungry outlaws have taken up a stance
Simple disobedience

Now all your complex little schemes that form your master plan
They'll say your words are stupid
And your plans are only schemes

Truth is simple
But seldom ever seen
Let nothing come between
Simple man,
the whole wide world
Is I can see the makings of a memory
I remember how it used to be
Well I'm still dreaming...

'Cause I dream of simple things
I can
and I
Never have to die

My plan's engaging
All of these points connecting one
My trap is simple
I will forgive you for all you've ever done
takin' back 

We ain't stealin' we're just takin' back 
Very simple plan of attack 
It's our job and a labor of love 
Take it home to the up
    it's so simple. 

I picture
my ideal.
how it looks,
and how it feels.

no more dreams turning to armchairs
no more plans turning to blank
Now my heart and my mind agree 
A super natural selected me 
I see your plan so grandiose 
My very own Galapagos 
God laid down and he began
What we need in the world today
Is a guide for the married man
Some simple thing that in every way
Would provide for the harried man
Help him not
following a different plan. 
Tried to live the good life. 

I just wasn't good enough. 
Tried to live the simple life. 
I wasn't simple enough. 
a simple plan
Turn me on turn me on Mr. Deadman
Yeah I want it

I need it
To make a million
Yeah I love it
A fuckin' rockstar

Penetrate, Penetrate