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stacked miles high
They say money changed me, that's a no no
I just don't roll with bums, no hobo


(Man gym class heroes is a real problem,
don't even play ha ha ha, I'm home now though

(Man Gym class heroes is a real problem 
You needa recognize that 
Y'all was actin' funny while we was
will remain underground
Where ants and moles hold it down
With basement parties bumping Gym Class Heroes and brain games 
All the same, I myself may
the seed they were sowing.
Now harvested by the ringing of revolution.
In tattered tuxedos they faced the new heroes
And crawled about in confusion.
beautiful sisters
Shake the dust
For the girls with those brothers who are going crazy
Those gym class wallflowers and the twelve year-old afraid of taking
This must be the place.  
I can tell by your glare. 
I wouldn't touch you on a dare. 
Seven month to June and even then, so what? 
My mouth is
you're 5 foot 2
Okay, 5 one and a half
And everybody else in the whole gym class
If 5 foot 3 and even taller, it hurts

Truth is I hadn't thought about
You've been targeted in the night
By violent mercenaries.
Your identity's been confused
With one that looks like you

You're a simple man living
at my most honest
No egos, no Gym Class status, just Travis
Love it or leave it, but you gotta admit
On a scale of 1 to awesome I'm the shit
Just get
came home with a busted lip
She insisted it was nothing but both her parents flipped
She said she got hit by a basketball in gym class
But the truth was
it up a little bit)
This melody was meant for you (Right there)
Just sing along to my stereo

Gym Class Heroes baby!

If I was just another dusty
a teacher
You're a b-boy, I'm a scholar
If this was a class, well it would go right under drama
See kings lose crowns but teachers stay intelligent
this? am I happy? 
Happiness is a mediocre sin set for a middle-class existence 
I see through smiles and smell truth in the distance 
Beyond one
honesty excitement
the one with class, falsely accused, misconstrued
anger, sorrow, pact, machinary, decisions
collisions, instant gratification
simple things,
Like your first birthday wish,

Your first girlfriend,
Your first love,
Your first French kiss,
Your first time feeling hate,

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