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Eyes fixed on goals of wealth and riches 
We reach out to receive but never give 
In debt for our wants and neglect our needs 
Silver and gold
A lasting treasure or a moment of pleasure
Worth it every cent. 

Coin or paper baby, 
Silver or gold.
All denominations, nouveau or old. 
Can't have
and poverty
By keeping the pressure on the innocent ones
Continually, this can't go on

Third world people
I'n'I remember where ya' comin' from
Bona fide, dis
Followed by the Redcaps
They're greedy for silver and gold

bridge and chorus

Trapped in a web of branches
And leaves dead
You hear voices reciting
We washin' gold and silver (sly, we fly) 
We walk in clubs with sneakers (sly, we fly) 
We look out windows and stare (sly, we fly) 
We fly
Ooh you feel that as I take you to them dirt roads deep in your southern roots 
When nobody said life was going to be easy 
And we travel to this
3, niggas with a lot of gold
Snoop guard the door
I just love being by the stove
Heres some food for thought, a little food for your soul
Yo, yo

I rest alone in a cold cabin composed of stone from old agate
A sarcophagus filled with gold tablets
The archaeological dig-site
up the intruder by the root of the weed
N.y. Chew through the machine

And I will remember your name and face
On the day you are judged by
they suddenly find themselves in a magical place where they are
Received by the deity ManannĂ‚Â¡n and a courtly witch. Finally, they begin to walk up
do whatever for the root of all evil
Gold, silver, bronze, no try the black metal
Turn yo mutherfuckin' flowers to feathers now fly to heaven
and Dr. Dre is at the do???/ It???s the capital S, oh yes, the fresh N double O P/D O double G Y D O double G, ya see??? 

2Pac feat. Dr. Dre ???
achieve that
Then you're just another idiot or another

Motherfucker, it's the J-O-Z-I-F B-A-D-M-O-N
Come on, bring them ends on in
I'm on the upside
Eyes wide shut but they know
Buried alive by the lies in their soul
Their stride of a blind man's stroll
Well for whom does the next bell toll
You can reach into your pocket
While I reach into my mind
Clarity is so divine
We just single the design
The physical we inherit
By visions on TV
Artist: Flesh-N-Bone f/ Big Punisher, Fat Joe
Album: T.H.U.G.S. (Trues Humbly United Gatherin' Souls)
Song: No Mercy

[Fat Joe]
Yeah, real
the P-G-and-E
Power come from the barrel of a bucker
I use the mic so that we aim at the same motherfucker
'Cause your shit could go gold, and the only cash