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the aftertaste
And it's quiet here in Godzone  you can almost hear the earth
As I rummage through the silage I feel an awful thirst come on

Well I don't think
them new Jordan's, to Ron Harper's, my nigga
Don't start with it nigga, might stop it my nigga
No doctor on my silages, got the Chi Town distribute
the butterscotch silage bugged
And in the strangest of foliages 
We're halos in reverse 
We're halos reversed first 
And we share a mask of tempest 
But there's no,
of Fields running in and out of Fields
Macdonagh Junction in and out of Fields
Not cutting silage but in and out of Fields
Not a marathon but running in
a welcome stay

So when I choke on the silage that you're puking out (puking out)
D'ya mind if I see you as vibrato potato (ta-ta)
Shit out of things that we
just stopping for some caffeine
I'll be on my way again
Once I spike my adrenaline

Got your cotton fields
And your almond trees
The warm silage scent

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