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Adam, Adam
Where you been hiding?
Adam, Adam
It's time we had a talk
What's going on in the room downstairs?
What you been playing with down
spawned by the virgin whore
On his knees as the heavens crumble and fall
The reeking seed of Adam forever cursed
Now erased as creation has been reversed
time to take a stand
You've seen your life come shaped by foreign hands
And so it's time to make a move
Letting the world know that you greatly
the dark too heinous for your sight
And mine is dark all the time
A sign to design true crime
But I'm blessed to have the platform for this rhyme

where people would rather come out of the closet than clean it
It's the sign that the judgement of God is gonna fall

If there's ever been a time
from the Motionizer
Gorilla grip, I grab rappers by they dry lips
Straight thug a bear hug Grizzly Adams couldn't tame
Wild from Animal Bill, also
From Telegraph&43, for the child you never owned
I told you come by, Adam came to help me
You were homeless and drunk, but not lookin uhealthly
We sat
on a flip it is just bitter.
I’d like a real conversation with her, be like
Fuck Twitter, we hardly know each other from Adam
And having time to have
Safe tryna hustle 'round here think there's money to be made
You'll get robbed by somebody underage
We don't rock brands like Vans, only J's
We don't