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feels I'm falling 
Your love will send me soaring

In You I've found significance
In You I've found significance
In You I've found my significance
In You
It’s not mine but I’ll get inside
Despite of my own significance
Soon we will all get inside
Let go of our own significance
If I push it too hard
significance to me
Don't let your violence ruin your beauty
Remember your significance to me
Don't let your violence ruin your beauty
Don't let it ruin your
a song with social significance
All other tunes are taboo
I want a ditty with heat in it,
Appealing with feeling and meat in it!

Sing me a song with
onto not let go. My morality never grows
Wasting all day all night makes no sense, any significance
These thoughts create, alienate. My insanity never
What's the significance of this?
Can I not live in ignorance?
From time to time I see you with your modern love
And I smile to myself
But there will always
you're sleeping around life lacks significance
Now, somehow, you tell me you're changing, you're not changing
Now, somehow, you're sleeping around, life
has their own significance
But, every single one is equally magnificent
Be proud of the beauty that you hide

Imagine a world that was colorless
What's the significance in you tripping 
Shit you weren't my nigga to begin with this
You wanna sit around like you interested 
But all you wanna do
meant to outlast time

Waiting for the signs above
Ignoring the science below

Heralds of new beliefs
Fabricate their own encounters
The burning globe, and its struggle to achieve significance

A sensation of what has been defiled
Like an eruption betwixt the willingly and the vocations
significance to me
Don't let your violence ruin your beauty   

No flowers bloom where you have walked
Corrupt my mind
And invade my thoughts

Intelligent input
write this song
Will it be their relevance
That determines my significance?
If so, then I'll need you for
Hate to hold onto

(Waoh, waoh, waoh, waoh,
me, saying things
I could care less about
This dialogue is without
Worth, content, significance
Conversational ambivalence
Hear the same things
just concern about
Who's fuckin' who, when time is of significance
Ghost, we disregard the most magnificent
Eat of the fruit that is poisonous
the inference
That the demons in my head have little significance 
The demons in my head have little significance 

So let the, let the drama kid die 
Let the,
a machine
Won't find a shelter in a daily routine
Can't satisfy myself with your blatant needs

And I can't quite place a distinct significance
Upon your rat
Gather all your resources
Make the work diligent
Learn the significance
It's time that we
End this shit for good
Attention all the
Gangsters and gentlemen
And the light dance tonight
And let the stars ground your significance
In this golden hour of time
Let it call you tonight
Let it call you tonight
Let it call you
pushing that ignorance 
Overdose and addiction, we're so sick
Breathe in and back out 
Looking for some significance 
When it's all so ridiculous, what's
Each and every sight and breeze is in
Its own place and significance
And the balcony is such a tease
Inviting the midnight mind to dance

I want to
still time to make a difference,
Smallest things can have significance.
Make a change!
Together we can make a change.

We can change the world together
a short list 
So a motherfucker hopeless 
But I still can't see the significance 
If your streets where the dope is 
If weight and balance is your talent
conscience was a parking lot
But tell me man
Does your world end at your fingertips
Does your flag turn in the breeze
Does your heart beat for significance

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