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the President
And I sidled up him to listen to what he was tellin' and he said
Mrs Lucretia Garfield was always at his side
In the heat of the day fannin' him
boy standin' round upside, outside

And, I sidled up to him and I said to that soldier boy
I said "Who was it that did it?
Who was it that shot
Sidled up for a dance
I tried a new step and fell in the plants
I told a joke, about the pope
It wasn't as funny as i would've hoped

Nobody told me
was winking at me, dear

I thought it was just some mishap,
When it sidled over and sat on my lap
But when it said "I love you" and gave me a hug,

I sidled up to a fruit machine
This I was imagining:
Some drinkers dancing at the bar
Drinkers dancing for the bar

Rebellious Jukebox yeah
to his whole he went

Well he ran right up and got a little shot 
And back to his hole he went
Then the rate come out of his hole once more
Sidled up
she wasn't making eyes

So I sidled up beside her, settled down and shouted, "Hi there"
My name's Stewart Ransom Miller, I'm a serial lady-killer"
and January
Sunny bright and contrary
Used to doing as you pleased
Back before you sidled up to me

Hey, Hey your straying days 
Are over Tessie
still hoping we meet
I saw Venus sidled up beside that crescent moon
And in that moment I was thinking about you
But I got no right to worry anyway
that girl?
She sidled up beside me
And my mind was a blur
She was contagious before she was symptomatic
Contagious before she was symptomatic
These lemons and us
Not getting any younger
Lit the fire beneath our feet
Nothing ups the stakes
Like a rise in temperature
You sidled up a sideways
She sidled up to me
And she claimed to be
The only one for me
Said it was destiny
That's how it came to be
She spent the night with me
And that's how
life's great uniform, and sidled out the door on my gilded unicorn
I trotted round the bend and through the town, in my glorious upside down frown
down didn't spike my predilections
So I resumed my placement on the promenade
When an enchanting lady walked in my direction
 I sidled up to her
She twisted and turned like an old buck rabbit
With a hound giving it chase
She sidled up beside me and her eyes met mine
With a look that knew no
I almost dropped when I saw you there
Out of dwindling air
Perfect and precious
Looked up and saw me and locked minds
And hypnotized, we sidled
It was early in the evening
About ten o`clock I think
When you said "Barkeep, get the lady a drink"
You sidled up beside me and said "That`s
20 truckers who'd parked their 18-wheelers
I had a premonition that one would try and steal her
When a man in flannel sidled up to her at the buffet
and froogled and inveigled and wheedled
We've mingled and sidled and played the second fiddle
So now, tell us, tell us, tell us
Who do we have sex with?
Who do
sidled over to the guy and let out with a pitied sigh
And punched him ?til the joik was walking blind
And as Fido fertilized the flowers, mechanics had
We were drunken by the waters,
you and I,
there never was a separation,
nor even isolation.
And thus consoled, I rose again, heady, heavy,
and sidled

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