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anything, that's why I'm on the run
Little bandit boy, shyster man, tell me what's your plan? (What is your plan?)
Little bandit boy, shyster man, tell me
a pool-shooting-shimmy-shyster shaking my head
When I should be living clean instead

You know the ladies I've been seeing off and on
Well they spend your love and then
you like it if a nigga was broke and came fed on ya)
That's why I'm still on my P's an Q's, readin fools
I'm known as a shyster deceivin' fools
getting closer
I don't have all the answers yet
But I'm getting closer, getting closer

I'm a mark for every shyster
From Topanga to Berlin
And I should
never saw any of my promised gold

The Shyster, the Big Shyster
The Fly by Nightster

How can you even try to explain
After all that you did and you
I'm a slimer, a grimer, a real big-timer
Tellin' lies to the judge with my hand on the Bible
I'm a shyster, I'm spiteful and I love rifles
And I love
Pied Piper bitch I'm on fire
Don't trust me I'm a Billboard shyster
I got Dream girls, what you 'gon do
Got them chicks singin' "And I am tellin'
wouldn't accompany him
So if you would please buy a subscription to the Chicago Tribune 
Then my little brother will be happy.
Wow, what a shyster! Some
Forget what people say, I'm doin' it my own way

[Verse One]
So many shysters in my ears fool, tryin' to pop it
On my new fame, they will put
the hell has happened,
My freedom has been taking from me,
now I'm liars, shysters and killers rapist, and robbers even drug dealers,
I don't want my life
Forget what people say, I'm doin' it my own way

[Verse One]
So many shysters in my ears fool, tryin' to pop it
On my new fame, they will put
Turned off at twelve o'clock
The shyster takes a ringside seat
As they're bringing them from the jail
Twenty thousand tickets sold
your face
For running up in my place and shake the spot
And not expect to get your ass shot
Yeah, another one bites the dust, the shyster busts
a hold on my dick, bitch, make a wish
I'm a knife, I'm nothing-that's-nicer-than-getting-sliced-up
The switch, the machete, the feti Yeti, the shyster
you!) Trick bend over 
I'm a petrified rapper talkin, and you ain't nuttin 
but an electrified shyster walkin, I'm tired of savin 
people from takin
bullshit some other finna frame
If you're a beginner here's my name
DeL! myster, ya shyster
I'll heist your jewels & tolls & leave ya fooled
rollercoaster ride
A rollercoaster ride!
I’m a dreamer, I’m a leader, a full throttle kind of man
Not a shyster, more of a writer, I win any way I can
But when
Sucking in the imagery of logo ridden t shirts 
No etiquette of who should speak first
Dog eat dog world, the more we change something seems worse
you'd never rest
But it's too quiet, something it just ain't right

Ectoplasmic love
Ectoplasmic love

I called my share of priests and shysters
That, I
in a striker fuck getting dumped you ever rolled up and ain't have no lighter
Be with drug dealers and shysters' screw loose don't get yo shit
the one contains the other 
A pathetic stew 
A feeble home-brew 
Heating meat from the bone 
Gives you something to do 
Chrome shysters 
play jai alai like it's the Miami Vice theme?
Well anyhow I'm sure we shook them 
Shysters on the green
When we split that scene

You want lost
ever really knew me
'Til him
Everyone was always out to screw me
'Til him
Never met a man I ever trusted
Always dealt with shysters in the past
Now I'm
the word-mule!

My friends,
Look out for hustlers for preachers for shysters,
Them silver-tongued saints who pretend to do good,
'Cause they're geeks biting

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