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the pool
It's getting hot but I play it cool
I'm changing clothes, dressed like a tool
But when I look down it was something cruel
(Shrinkage, baby) It's
Okay shrinkage real blood gets spilled CNN my people killed 
Suffer from survivors guilt then wonder how that trauma feel

Hard headed (Hard headed)
Just Girl #5 and Shrinkage thrills

Oh it's difficult to describe
But I'll give it the college try
It's the daytime, it's the night
It's the legend
Think am I bad for her
Can I ever know what happens or does the rising levels cause the path to shut
And I just
Continue sinking
Here for the shrinkage
strong men into hobbling old folks
Take off my snow pants man I'm done with the weather
Sorry 'bout the shrinkage hun but it should fit you much better
Your older brother was my nigga  
He got knocked so your slipping  
We merchandising but your shrinkage 
I can't teach you cause your tripping
I awaken before a human jury
Surely full of bigots and unfair types
They sentence me to a period of shrinkage
And cast me into the main conductor
it natural I swear the shrinkage is real, long hair dont care
Muggin me king why you muggin me
Are you afraid that I will see what's lies underneath
rapping 'bout Shrinkage could get you so damn big now?

This that HCP baby
This that HCP baby
This that HCP baby
Get it goin' now, ah ah, get it goin' now,
But I can't help you drink it
I had some weak niggas 'round me my circle needed shrinkage
Niggas gon drop like flies just as fast as you blinkin'
It's a brush with fate                      
A shrinkage of time                        
Beyond the great                           
Celestial crime
at the table"
This is the signal Jerry
Significant shrinkage
If I had a kid I'd name him isosceles
You're supposed to serve cake after a meal
Empty calories
like a 8-
Speed gearshift them others/ got shrinkage and weird
Shit don't fuck wit' they/ shit you know they faulty
With breakage you'll never/ be sated
out relaxers, no one is dasher
Shrinkage bring laughter, inches make em sadder
When I see you
Heart beats faster
Roses different colors but beauty's
the street
Your man Riddlin' J is coming down with the wicked rhythm 
Chillin', earlier in the day 
At a marketplace in Tzfat
Shrinkage in the mikveh taking
as shit

Ice on my wrist so cold give you shrinkage
Sippin ornj drank, only shit I be drinkin
Think that they right but their left blinker blinking
Nothing's off limits ever since our hearts merged
Vocabulary shrinkage, I'm at a loss for words
And you had me ever since, you're Heaven sent

I get tongue
love never see any shrinkage
I say this 
No sinkage 
E never go drown
As long as I live

I never know 
I go get a woman to call my own 
She go give
out, and scream and shout, it's shrinkage for fuck sake
I'll take hold of the promise knife, and take a sip of the bleach of life
Hell yeah this decade
and Perseverance
Q is for Queen,
R for Resilience

S if for Shrinkage, ooh it's real when your hair is super long but your curls have no chill
So fuck it my circle shrinking
Like diving up in the deep end
In the middle of the winter
In a pool no one is heating
Talking, real shrinkage
Diminish the pillage
A privilege to visit my village
Are you finished? Soft shrinkage
You see no coins in my pitch

Look to the right
Look to the right

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