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your body
It's only in the blood 

This shrieking love
Comes crashing down
This shrieking love
Is not the one you thought you'd found
Oh it's only
Insist on your patience
Rattle the chains
More than your stillness
Shrieking and shying away 
From the chances of broken glass (shattering)
until he's found

Broken blinders pulled closed
Shrieking shades run from the post
Steak knives, plucked out eyes, mothers cry, child dies
The hunt is
shrieking by 
It's hard for risk and romance to share the same road 
But given where it's led, I'd take it again tonight 
Given where it's led, I'd take it
they live and grow inside
I can feel your darkness, i hear it's shrieking cries
I can taste your hunger, your thin veneer can't hide
I think it's
I think
For them pussies who be hating cuz we screatching
Drive by shots went off that dude leaking
That shits whack people over there was shrieking
Yea my
Hear my desperate cries
Shrieking demon, far and wide
Praying for this breath to be my last

Awake again, paralyzed
I'm shackled to this alter
the darkness there.

Back, he spurred like a madman, shrieking a curse to the sky,
With the white road smoking behind him and his rapier brandished high!
I ride shot gun
From the facility

Whistling blues
And shrieking luck
Oh yeah

Rush shines a gloom [unknown]
My wilting heart
cavernous psalms
They swing from your lips then tie your tongue up like you asked them to
Out come the gaunt ghosts of your thoughts
They're shrieking in
Running Chasing Snarling Growling
Hunting Stalking Shrieking Howling
In the shadows he is roaming
Prehensile jaws- his mouth is foaming

For there is a purpose and reason
Beyond all human apprehension
The shrieking silence in the blackness of space

For there is a knowledge more
She Wolf rips their heads off shrieking
"Open up and bleed!"

Take the strange case of the missing husband
Of the widow at the end of the street:
know me I'm shrieking 
Don't pay my rent I don't see ya 
Fucking no bitch got a keeper 
Black n white like a zebra

Running n jogging escaping life
Then dispose of the opened carcass
This lamb is dead now
But it's still shrieking

I wear her scalp
And then pleasure myself
I'm one step closer 
I got thermal on my FN if they wanna act sneaky
I know that she wanna come see me
Pop that pussy one more time, Imma have that pussy shrieking
the beacon
This a warning take precaution
Or yo ass gne be shrieking 
Now you weakened 
Real hurt it feel like you bleeding
Now you need prayer aye somebody
no speaking
It's heavy breathing
You leavin me speechless
Shrieking, beds creaking
Boy you got me leaking, I'm
Weak in the knees, yea
Weak in
of wrapping you
Up in my arms
As I'm closer to home
Keeps the tires shrieking
My hand is at midnight on the wheel
As I tear up the road
And when I left you
I make the first spark in my hand
Unfolding piercing darkness
A shrieking radiant response
The resonance of god

I hold the secret in my arms
Spooky Scary Skeletons 
Sends shivers down your spine 
Shrieking skulls will shock your soul 
Seal your doom tonight 

Spooky scary skeletons

Sail away with me tonight
The current's strong and shrieking sounds
That's in my head has told me that
This is the night that changes you forever
Rip and tear at the seams of life
The time is ticking
And there's not much to
Lean on
Fuck around with the
Dancing Knife
Mesmerized by the
Where everyone's on drugs and dancing to the Hackers OST

It's real! It's real!
The ritual's begun
Beneath the steel
Reveal the shrieking
You've asked for

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