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hate on me we from the same
hood south baton rouge

Can't knock my hustle
Lawd have mercy
Can't stop my shine
Yah man
Shoul ain't my fren
Lawd have mercy
And if you tell me what the hell I shoul'd really do
Whenever you're around I fail to move it yeah
All I can really do
Whenever you're in my head oo
black man get no, get no,
Get no recoginition.
The system of colour partition
The system shoul be yanked from creation
The system kill him.

O, O Jah Jah,
Shoul've fallowed the cracks in the road 
You heart and your soul 
'cause if there's one thing I know 
Good niggaz come and they go 
Bitch niggaz actin
sense as a weapon
If you only knew half of this shit that I've been through
Shoul've been a screen play when I get to
More niggas away, IET, quit
problemes tu crois qu'on ta fait du s'houl 
Hassoule c'est la hass plus en plus de 'ass plus l'temps de na'ass

C'est la lér-ga pour tout l'monde
Léve ton
were wrong

Repeat (*)

So darlin' if you shoul feel lonely tonight

And you need someone next to you to hold you tight

Just call me
Should a been loving you (should a been loving)
I should a been loving you (shoul da been loving)

Should a been loving
Should a been loving,
(Put your head on my shoul-)

Like you
Like you
Like you, ooh
I found it hard to find someone like you
Like you
Like you
Send your location,
As the shadows roll across my face the light appears and show
Another side now
Things I shoul know, no one told me, now I must go and I'm
And melancholias and melatrophyas
Are chasin me down and tryna get me a round
I shoul gather around

Can i get some coffe before i get in the coffin

Time's up
shoul've known
You always take something in return
Not feeling welcome at home
Not feeling welcome at my own home

Why wouldn't you let me fly
I am so sick
I don't know how I'm talking
Let me switch the topic
I was thinking of the future how I'm working it was logic
How the fck you outta pocket
When I
the dealbreaker of what you think
Do you think you're beauti just because you have dimples?
Well you're not, fucking slut you just have a lot of pimples
I shoul
from just a kid.

But this opinion

Wasn't only came from me.

If they know what they shouls know,

Then would be another grown!
you were here with me
maybe I should leave this place
maybe I shoul be with you
the immensity of the cosmos

And though these visions are my
suffering's enlargement, I know that
across the centuries, my unpure shoul shall resist
mi shoul with the food
Fi each Di yutes dem grow up and do good

When mi Audio start Travel through di Universe, UAD Apollo
Yea, Mi Seet Tomorrow
I know I shoul don't say that first
hear me scream while I repeat

Help me
Listen to me
Save me
Listen to me
kiss Me
When there's a yellow moon above me
They say there's moonbeams i shoul view
But moonbeams being gold
Are something i can't behold
'Cause i was born
coming for the rescue
Got drugs in my veins to forget the pain of not being wth you
Do you feel it too
Thick air in the room
Maybe I shoul make a move 
now he's home and free and makin change
Rollin through yo city
See that's the way it shoul've been
Not to say it wasn't
But you boys ain't no could've
(you've been hurting for too long babe)
Seems like it won't end (and there's no reason, no reason when there's a shoul')
2x's:Here's a shoulder to bag your
The sun will blend my flesh with the rocks
Ain´t no mercy for the wicked

I shoul not look at it twice
If I do I´m gonna realize
I´ve been already too high

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