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Lord you're faithful
More reasons that I say that I'm grateful
The universe works in my favor
Yea you did a lot for me
So I'm grateful
Despite of my
The deeds I‘ve done, O buru jai (So devastating)
The sins I’ve did, Ko se fenu so (I dare not reveal)
How e go be, Yo nu si mi (Have mercy on me)
Hook1 (T. Rollins)

Please forgive me for my shortcomings 
I want to love you  put no one else above you 
yeah above you 
it's a true love situation
We are children of production
Produced in conjunction
With the urgency of our Dr Funkenstein
In his widsom he forenotioned
The shortcomings
all these years
Ive been learning since day one

My foundations
Are what makes me
So proud of who I am becoming
Forgetting all of my shortcomings
Say farewell to all my shortcomings
I stack ‘em on my shelf
Worked so hard, I got my bag Congratulations to myself
I was made to do this shit
Yeah, I
I know i don't deserve
I know i don't deserve it
I know i don't deserve it

Forgive my short comings
You know I hate these shortcomings oh
I don't
Destiny is different than a dream.
Despite our failures and our shortcomings,
We all have divine purpose to be,
Nothing short of a miracle story.

hate these shortcomings oh
I don’t know why I do things I hate oh
Forgive my shortcomings
You know I hate these shortcomings oh
Cos the things I wanna do
the recipient
If you see weakness or shortcoming in me
It's from my own weakness or shortcoming
And I ask The Creator and the people to forgive me for that
And after 22 years I can still make my skin crawl
Every shortcoming's a pitfall
On my way 
To making amends
Within myself to be
To be what I became
silence stare through me with executional eyes  That relive every shortcoming of the flesh. Stare at my life while i relive the child that brought Me Here
Of car alarms
Now I can hear the french horns playing
Through all the dissonance

Sometimes I can dwell on shortcomings
But you can see
a shortcoming
Shortcoming for the rest of your life
I'm off the grid living in some wildlife
They're new world order ain't gonna work
Natural disasters finna
to recreate
Shortcomings outnumber my talents
Since I make a lousy human being
Existing is better in the flesh and bone
Until you’re cut and start profusely
By a likeness you will never share
I'd foremost throw you across the fucking room
Glean over truth
Of your own shortcomings
Project them out
Letting the baggage of my shadows fall
Finding acceptance in my shortcomings
And I let Saturn in
Cause I lacked discipline

Lessons, I 
(Learned them all)
not anymore
Nah, not anymore
Short-comings to late run-ins
Took the spring right out of my step
Got a lot to get off my chest
See you still the same
you with you
Shout-out to my ex for not being humble
Turned a blessing into shortcoming
If it wasn't for her making the big fumble
We wouldn't be such
(Prince, WAVV made this)
I don't even know where

My new bitch she got a Kevin heart (kevin heart)
I don't even know, where to start
Shortcomings I
of tin
Are my faults shortcomings or are they just sin

Changes are coming
Fate is a prison
Destiny's a demon that lurks in my vision
It's all erratic
shortcomings and strife, wish I could turn back time so I could make it all right
Came to confess how I feel, now it ain't real, cause I'm the happiest, this
back on old habits hard
Making my situation worse
Thinking I'm the worst
And whenever I see her it reminds me of my shortcomings
My shortcomings
I feel
at all
You couldn't grin and bear your shortcomings
And admit that you were scared to be alone (Bring it back)
You couldn't grin and bear your shortcomings

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