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wouldn't take a short order
But it was so far behind her
She had her heart on the wire
She became a low rider

Immigration's full of strange language
their names printed at the top
Xmas in February
Sammy was a short order cook in a 
short order black and blue collar town
Everybody worked the steel
And the sign on the wall says In God We Trust all others have to pay
And it's two in the morning on Saturday night at Rosalie's Good Eats Cafe
The short order

He learned to cook short order
Was a pour man in a bar
And a bubble dancer 'til his face got steamed
And I know that he was bugged
sweet tea 
You may be glued to the television 
As happy 

As Larry 
You may be a doctor, 
Giving up the ghost 
You may be a short order cook,
on a short order floor

So, Sal, say good-bye to your mom and your dad
Sal, say good-bye to the barrio
Sal, say good-bye to your buddies and your pals
Let me tell you 'bout a friend of mine
He's a short order cook
Long on speed and he's short on spice
He reads his customers like a book

He's seen
and waylayed
The boss said Phillis have you gone mad
You're the best short order
That I ever had
Don't throw it all away
On a one night fling
Don't be
Yes something to brag about in you

I'm a short order cook at an all night cafe
Down on 18th Avenue and 12th Street
I wear a swinging mini dress
Somethin' to brag about
Somethin' to brag about in you

I'm a short-order cook
At an all night cafe
Down on 18th avenue and 12th street

I wear
Somethin' to brag about
Somethin' to brag about in you

I'm a short-order cook
At an all night cafe
Down on 18th avenue and 12th street

I wear
We ain't second ex wives,
We ain't cowboys or redskins
We ain't preachers or kingpins
We're just having fun
We're all suits in blue collars
With a short order face
Dropped a fork
And he saw Flo's legs

Straightened his apron
And burnt my eggs
I got competition
Everywhere I go
These days

a short order cook
Slinging burgers and fries till the dawn
There's a jukebox in the corner playing loud
Funky bass lines
The counter man he sings his

We ain't second ex-wives, we ain't cowboys or redskins,
Ain't preachers or kingpins, we're just having fun
We're all suits and blue collars, short
(D. Hickey)

He was a short order cook, and not too much to look at
And he traded in his foot, for a medal in the war
He loved a girl named Lila, in
bloodstained clothes

She was a short order pastry chef
In a Dim Sum dive on the Yangtze tideway
She had shiny hair
She was the daughter of an engineer
with a pinch of salt
And she'll give you no quarter
She's the queen of the short order
And you're a one-armed bandit
Gambling on a crash
Wearing a pair
flippin Hollywood Squares 
In search of the Mecca many travel in pairs 
Walked the slave ship, ??the side of ningamora?? 
To support a short order when I
you wanna call it, I'm fine
But rhyme wise I got a short order of mine. Dukes, dee, whiley, ghetto these have got new flows all the time. 

the door furthest
And the dream turned into short orders and tall murders
With a fist full of dollars ignorance is so blissful
Wishful in thinking where
and the roar of a lion,
But you always had a heart as big as a house.
I.O.U. for services like, uh, short order cook, chef, baker...
For makin' sirloin out o'
here got 'em floating just like in salt water
And break is fast, we got it cooking just like a short order
Go feed the hands birds cover the cheetah
goin while the others are prayin
That I, cut, this, rhyme, short
In order, so, they, can +Break North+
Far, out of my range
Dodgin scanners, repulsive

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