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"Cause long as I'm alive I'm gonna live illegal" (x4)
-Shook Ones pt. 2 -Mobb Deep

Verse 1:
Take it to another level of mic murdering
the whole world after me 
catastrophe among us, fatal tragedy 
Mafiosa, murder one mind 
black toaster, low composure 
twin Glocks in 2 holsters 
we mobb
I write might be about you, son they shook *
[*vocal interpolation of Mobb Deep - "Shook Ones Pt. II"]

(chorus with varations till fade)

[Featuring Inspectah Deck  Street Life  Mobb Deep] 

[Method Man] 

Ha  yeah yeah yeah  yeah yeah 

One time.. yo 

Never liked son from day
make me, my darling, my sweet

Uhh, I'm lovin' you from the first look
Like Mobb Deep, you got me all shook, uhh

Yeah, your love is real good honey
chips and checks 

so I can play 

my way, all day, everyday 


lyrical proufoundest like Mobb Deep 

mission on earth 

bust 'em
the tec 

I'm catchin body baggin niggaz like deez up 

Town ? the ki's, flippin twenty-three G's 

Around the way bustin pills by the fuckin pound
Yea, ok-ok, yea

[Chorus:Repeat x2]
Just when you thought it was ova
The Mobb came back to put the game in a +Cobra+

Now, you can catch me by
[Chorus: x2] 
Yeah yo, lime Bacardi, gettin bent, crash the party 
Handle be-I, bringin it to anybody 
Physical damage, crowd control handle cannons
I'm not gonna cry
I'm a Bad Boy killer, Jay-Z die too
Looking out for Mobb Deep: nigga, when I find you
Weak motherfuckers don't deserve to breathe
Fugees! Fugees and Mobb Deep tryin' to diss now too?
I ain't prejudiced, I don't give a fuck
This is what it sounds like when we ride on our
Never leave the block
without my heater
Two big pitts
I call them Mobb b****

N**** eaters
And I won't whimper till I'm gone
Thug Life
{*scratches*} Non Phixion - slam dance to it

(Verse Two)
Fighting a war inside my mind, I'm all lost the more i find
The more I ride toward
get done, I pee on them son, they a small issue
We too official, blue steel pistols
Teflon vests, it's no contest we hit you

[Mobb Deep]
Dunn you
Shufflin beats
Six years later son it was done
The Infamous Mobb Deep
Left you stuck off the Shook Ones
And then funniest thing after a show backstage
to me, you will be surprised
The type of shit I kick is [????] in the skies
So when you say the Mobb Deep time is a lie
You'll be swimming in a puddle
Yo the NYC, M-O-B-B thug shit (and that's my shit) 
I can't get enough of it 
Either fuck with it or don't fuck with it 
Catch us in a middle
these niggas but I'm not gon' cry
I'm a Bad Boy killa, Jay-Z die too
Lookin' out for Mobb Deep, nigga when I find you
Weak motherfuckers don't deserve
{*scratches*} Non Phixion - slam dance to it

(Verse Two)
Fighting a war inside my mind, I'm all lost the more i find
The more I ride toward
jooks niggaz bring the shook up out the crook type 
Special deliver Son it shines through your act bigger 
My Infamous Mobb get on they job 
The truth
[Chorus 2X: samples from Mobb Deep's "Eye For A Eye"]
"Life is a gamble, we scramble for money
I might crack a smile but ain't a damn thing funny" --
grown up and old, and beyond the cop's control
They better have the riot gear ready
Tryin to bag me and get rocked steady
By the mac one-double, I
on some Mobb shit 
Mobb shit 
Mobb one 
Mobb two 
An then I got a Mobb for when there's else to do 
Get used to the crew. 

See all young
You living fantasies, nigga I reject your deposit
We shook Dre punk ass, now we out of the closet
Mobb Deep wonder why nigga blowed them out
the same 
Put two and two together, Mobb Deep with one name 
Contain drama like Outbreak, you order drama 
We outtake and then take you out 
Keep it real