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When I get mad
And I get pissed
I grab my pen
And I write out a list
Of all the people
That won't be missed
You've made my shitlist 

For all
You've burned the bridges
You've sowed the lies
You've burned the bridge
You're on the shitlist!

You've burned the bridges
You've sowed the lies

Kaffer for life

Idi and Ike
Michael and Mike
O.J. and X
Satan and Baal
Instead of a Hank
Frank E. and Ju

Uncle Ben
Uncle Tom
It's the conformist
Takin' the firm fist
Of the idealist
Taken the shitlist.
And now, the purist stays the purist
Till the shit hits the fan
Crist', fuck bitches
And send them goons if them goons on our shitlist

Guess what I heard? Gucci Mane back
Guess what I heard? Man he reppin Big Cat
things'll neva change

Make a nigga say, fuck birthday, and fuck Christmas
Fuck a wishlist, I'm writing out my shitlist
It got a lot of names, I got a lot
have maimed, hit and run over, blinded, poisoned, starved, or castrated. i hope you do not think that a vote for John Kennedy took you off my shit-list
Don' push me, I'm too close to the edge 
Might take one to the head. 

[Chorus: x2]
It's the season of the sickness, marks on my shitlist
Lookin' down at my shitlist, wonderin' how did it get so long
I'd rather be the one pissed off, than to ever be the one pissed on
Amen I'm an animal
The mastermind is never apprehended
I screw the ruler, to fool the joker, and going up
like the smoke of a phattie, add me
to the shitlist, cause I
flav flips

Any MC on my shitlist gets ripped with the quickness
All those in favor say 'I like witness'
I'm about to get physical like fitness
made the flavors new
In Cuba, the people make new shipments
Of this pill that is on the FDA shit-list
That is not recommended, to take befo' dinner
Dstout about Puffy
So when I tell you this shit trust me
Its not in your best interest
To be on my shitlist
Its really senceless
They get beat senceless
the high school and 187 caesar
When I bust y'all need to back fo' acres
Doc y'all, and that's my man jabberjaw
The shitlist ready, who next to scratch
Swim right past you, the shit-list said that I'm nutty such a cashew
Cause I jack off with dish soap and smell gas fumes
Permanent brain damage
seriously this whole shit's twisted (is it man)
It's me bombin on these niggas shitlist and Mally G
Open your eyes to see, recognize who be a G
Don' push me, I'm too close to the edge 
Might take one to the head. 

[Chorus: x2]
It's the season of the sickness, marks on my shitlist
switchin this
Swarm in a storm somehow, and leavin your shitlist
Smoke smack slap you sap, you are a sickness
Step and stand still boy, so I can stick this
The shitlist ready, who next to scratch off? 
I'm from the underground, my soundlib 
Platform shoes to bitches, 400 pounds! 

[Chorus]: Meth &
to the death now, if you make the shitlist

Forget your lingo, and how you primadonna niggas mingle
I'm real money, fold up, you funny money, jingle
News flash,
different color eyes get chastized)
So can I get a witness, work on your fitness
and be sure to put the devil on your shitlist
y'all can't miss this, a brand
I doubt if you got the clout to outlast
Time to get money, don't make me crack a can of whip-ass
I'm kind of shady - rugged relentless and rude
might be you if ya on the shitlist
Instead of an 'uncle' I make ya say 'triple-six'
And make you suck four dicks
In otherwords you can get the duck sick
won't let go of a flow smooth suavacito
And to you rappers who say I can't rap
I'm passin you up with the quickness 
Cause you're on my shitlist
You see I
I've seen what I got so I'm leaving
Cause I want to, set up to stop up for the evening
Niggaz hopped on my shitlist with a swiftness
I'm about