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Crazier Than a Shithouse Rat (Endeavor)

Meet The Brick Shithouse 
This Is The Brick Shithouse [Repeats]
Meet The Brick Shithouse

Don't you wish you'd never met her? [Repeat: x3]
But now we are amongst you to tear this whole shithouse down
Antarctica Antarctica
We hear your call, we hear your call
Antarctica Antarctica
A man's ambition must indeed be small
To write his name upon a shithouse wall
But before I die I'll add my regal scrawl
To show the world I'm left with
It was back at the smokehouse
I wanna get me some
I had a bottle of whisky
And a bag of wine
Ya headed back to the shithouse
I had to follow ya
I'm so bored
Get on board

To those who write on shithouse walls
And roll their poop in little balls
Rock n Roll is here to stay
Disco sucks
under a hard top
Wrong directions are shown again
Threw up in the men's shithouse
This is not the way home
A scarlet sunrise for Babalon 
Someone to stop all the watches now 
Someone to bring this shithouse down 
All things must have an end 
All things for all
I don't know what's gonna happen, man, 
But I want to have my kicks 
Before the whole shithouse goes up in flames 
In the shithouse a shotgun
Praying hands hold me down
Only the hunter was hunted
In this tin can town
Tin can town

No stars in the black night
he's still finding his voice
I read his old yellow clipping calling him the poor man's shithouse Joyce

The impossible dream, yes you will find out
prosthetics in Afghanistan
Picture a courthouse with no fucking laws
Picture a cathouse with no fucking whores
Picture a shithouse with no fucking drains
Me your momma and some other whore
Floating down the river on a shithouse door
Gonna tie my pecker to my leg, to my leg
Gonna tie my pecker to my
Bad ventilation duration of a beer, commonplace shithouse drown my fear, =
This whiskey goes down easy, smooth as a sow's ear, belly up and suck =
We all went down New Delih,
We had too much curry and aching bellies.
Peter got gut rot and puked on the floor,
Stez Styx banging on shithouse door.
It was not enough that we were bought and brought to this home as the slave, locked in the bowels of a floating shithouse, watching those we love
kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flame
Youknowhat'msayin? heheheheh..
Eat, drink, and be merry, tomorrow you may die
That's what life's about
and that's all she needed
It was kinda red and kinda gray and kinda tore up and kinda perfect
She's built like a brick shit-house
She had polish on her

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