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fight with our heart
And all that we know
We will fight 'til the love it grows
If the mountains should crumble and kiss the sky
I'ma stand by what I
married to the game to which I owe the honor, 
Get my feet wet no I am no Madonna, 
Thou I'm still emergin' I fell like a virgin, 
I love nice things so
Hey Babe, I miss you
Babe, I still feel you

Loving you was easy
Easy to mess up
Now blue moon marks the days of good love
My faith is in a bottle
know you're hearin' me 'cause my voice is clearer than crystal

The casual, supernatural flows I be exposin'
Makin' sure that you're frozen and makin
my opinion you make it
The critic'll get the didick and if you got it then stay with it
You never knew me but you flew me to your town see
Dealing with the claim baby
(Oh baby)

My team hard, makin' 'em lean hard
You see more riders lined up
Then you see at a theme park
My queen hot,
y'all mess up Celebrity All-Star Weekend
ya non lay-up makin motherfuckers, y'all suck!
I'll bust all y'all asses one on one
We'll play to eleven, I'll
who you are
Want an autograph bullet you can call me shootin' star, nigga
I'm makin' the murda shit to kick you in your ass a bit
380 puckin' up
You're Victoria Spice, I'm David Beckham
If you were Dellboy, I'd be the streets of Peckham
Why don't you come to me? Why can't you see?
My love for you
at chicks to send me
'Cause it's looking empty, reception don't offend me
All-Stars, I should have three by the name
They say I cried about not makin’ it,
My circumstance is between Cabrini and Love Jones
Surrounded by hate, yet I love home
Ask my guy how he thought travellin the world sound

Verse 1 (character: Jeff)
All star quarterback, varsity letter, I drive a Jetta
A popular kid, my parents give me all my cheddar
Plus I date

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