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It is the morning of my life
It is the morning of my life
In the morning
In the morning
In the morning
Barry Gibb wrote this song
Teacher, Wise Intelligent
Tell me teacher where you been?
Make a way for me to go for mine!
Like Barry White in the Secret Garden
Am I gonna rock em? Pardon?
trying to see me shine, you could carry on 
Haters hate, and that's the reason that I carry one 
Make a home run and run home, like Barry Bonds 
Yeah, I
level, hit record
And soon enough we'll have another, hit record
In fact even though the song isn't done
By my count that was 18 hits alone
And it's only
Tical , The Prequel
Shine up the desert eagle, light up that extra lethal
I mean that, "Ooh wee", three years and two G's
I'm back with new trees, I
new bars
Influenced by many but I'm a whole new star, yeah
There's levels to this but I'm a whole new floor
They talkin' keys to success but I'm