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the impenetrable haze
Through shapeless fog
Scattered through these desolate plains
White shine the bones, Eater of gods

As if mercy were a skin of water
of the sky
Shines the miracle of life
All the splendour of our mother
Thanks to her I am alive
It's the miracle of life

Canyons of wild rock and white
plowed under
How much longer must we wait 'til the harvest comes in

'Til the sun shines down
On this hallowed ground
And the fruited plain so bountiful
Piece by piece, this puzzle comes together
Sever your ties with the bad guys, let the lies go
If you wanna be a hoe, go 'head and don't be scared
Celine Dion chickenheads yo straight out of Houston
Big ballers wall to wall brawlers die for us
Lie for us, snatch white man money cry for us
the explain 

Free that soul on up to the next plain 

Remember the pain, two shots from the flame 

Remember the bloodstains, the cold wet rain
now, white powder now 

He owed us money so I watched my niggas tie him down 

The conflict is crucial, police is neutral in this battlefield
Got all that purp, got all that Sprite make you feel like
Someone important or somethin', bills past due
You here frontin' but she Louised up