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for your vision
For the changes
To save the planet of ages
Talk to us
Heavenly Muse
Shine on us awhile
precious fantasies
Infused by the lyre of the muse
With the enchantment of obscurity
Like delicate snowflakes
Melting upon flesh
These fragile memories
the middle road 
I been trying to find it 

Whenever God shines his light 
I put on my best sunglasses 
Whatever truth that shines through, for a moment I
your patience standing by me
As forgiving as the moon
Always silent always guiding 
Through the triumphs through the gloom

Brilliance in its purest
Out of the blue
Heaven sent you
A vision of beauty, made you my duty
To make you my muse
I can't believe, I've lasted this long
Inspired by you,
By mastery of the mental he was able to see 
What the past and future civilizations had been through
Acoustic imagery transmitted through
Won't lie
When you're singing I'll be with you 'til the exit time
We shine

Is it the party that ain't over 'til it's through?
Is it the wiring
be the words blow niggas acoustic nerves 
When I swerve I'm busting adjectives and verbs at curves 
Hear the thunder then I melt the frozen tundra,
ourselves in the shine of it
And so passing under the dome of the great sky
Beware, we are the stars, Holmes, that you ruled by
Where death reborn into