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Old Blue Ford
Music & Lyrics by Delma Carl Suggs

The paint is faded
On this old mottled skin,
With bubbles of rust
Pushing up from within.
Thank y'all, how y'all doin'? Yeh, my names Colt Ford
I just came here to do a little song for y'all
'Bout where I come from, the way I see it
the liquor to myself
Got a little wealth so I gotta thank the Lord,
Couldn't do it by myself, got some help from Colt Ford
Now we in a Ford, and we travel
Down the road where the black top ends, 
You can find Colt Ford with all his friends, 
We're used to gravel roads, and fishin' with cane poles,
yee-haw and then we saddle up

You thought your boy Colt Ford was just a country clown
That bails hay all day and don't know how to get down
Ain't none
night I get to play music
For the greatest fans in the whole wide world
And I'm a keep on doin' what Colt Ford does
Cause that's all I know how to do
Kiefer zerschlage
Steigt sie ein und bläst im Auto wie 'ne Klimaanlage
Mit Kilos Ghettodeals, wenn ich auf der Street den Rambo spiel'
Gibt's drive by
with Colt Ford
Out here chillin' on the pontoon
Start with the sun, end with the moon
We got cold beer and brown liquor
That mason jar getcha damn
on the tailgate
Been doin' this for some years, y'all so late (so late!)
Bangin' OutKast and a little George Strait
Hot damn, Colt Ford back with Bubba K

A toast to the West,
Courtesy of the South,
Brought to ya by Colt Ford, people all aboard.
It’s the Midnight Rider, call me Baby Bocephus
Lisk ist zweiter, nicht dritter sondern dreister
Hamburgs neues Tempo, nichts für Popel
Wir fahren Ford und nicht Opel
Und zwar mit Rap-Mucke, weiß