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Winter longing falling free
Shielding what we need to see
A deep true love of this country

Winter is as winter was
I look this way just because
up any of mine
Cos I’ve taken off my rose-tinted glasses
That were shielding me away from the truth
Feelin’ fine
I’ve been wondering far away
there to keep me shelter
Shielding me from my own rain
Shielding me from ugly weather
But it will never be the same
It will never be the same 
Cuz' say
want to meet your dad

I need a bullet-proof-body-rubber-evil-shielding-device
Something that'll let me park my car
When I'm fucked up in the middle
they've ran
Tracing routes, the same they've always been
Around, around they go
I don't feel like waking
Shielding eyes from all those lights
Am I just
I drown my head beneath these hazy thoughts
As the darkness is shielding from the pain
I lost my way my way as I walked away
And the light keeps
but only for them heartfelt

Alone I'm left to count
The passing of the years
The price I chose to pay
Shielding the heart with fears
Like a wavering
Dozens of reasons
Shielding our hearts from pain
Riddles of romance
That distance may yet explain.

Certain of nothing
So fearful of love
car I'm shielding my guitar

And there were some things that I did not tell him
There were certain things he did not need to know
And there were
no risk

Well I'm pouring out
Like a big, dark, stormy cloud
But you're my raincoat
Shielding me from doubt
And self harm

Well I'm pouring
lives in the only place where we belong
They can keep themselves alive with their children and wives shielding them
It's just so wrong
You can try to find
Shielding both my eyes from the truth 
You are my lover/giver
Mother, please forgive me for 
Blaming all my failures on my youth

I've got this feeling
look around
Do you see a shadow too
Aah stop look around
Here I am shielding you
Aah stop look around
Do you see a shadow too
Aah stop look around
Here I
You would know
You're beautiful
He is holding you shielding you
He loves you more than you could know
In those dark times He's right beside you
And nothing can tear, nothing can bear your pain

Disrupt the pandemonium

Forever I'll be shielding you
Through flaming firestorms
Reverse insanity
In time
ice no spice

I'm Hardly dreaming, I'm feeling, surreal, and I'm shielding
Protecting, deflecting, Don't let me go back in the 
Dream-ing, I'm feeling,
When the night drapes over my skin
Block the light, don't let it in
Shielding me, Shielding me
I wish I had you bleeding here, oh
Please lay back
Establish one more LLC
Shielding you from responsibility
You're gonna eat us, BLT
You're such a killer, Company 19
Infecting us so clean
With such
I'm cosmic, with you I was always confined
I know you know this, I'm done and I'm no longer blind
The force field's shielding me from all of your lies
How, at the sound rain and thunder
Water goes rushing down the drain
Why would you waste your days
Shielding yourself from the sun's bright rays
I went to the town like other people do
Saying please
Love me or nobody

Shower on the stone
Feedback the sky
Shielding my eye
Not to go blind
When you’re the one shielding the vilest scumbags
How can you sit there and be mad
When you’re the one shielding the vilest scumbags
But how will
Pick it up pick it up
Bout time I see you rise from that shielding
Let's build it up build it up
Promise you my star shining no leaving

But make we
Feeding the bubble
Extending out in human space
Always touching everyone

Find it and pop a bubble
Shielding for greens and pinks
That's my

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