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Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind
Lovin' Spoonful

Did you ever have to make up your mind
Pick up on one and leave the other behind
of me

Find, emerald eyes in the night
Gleamin' shiny and bright
As if covered with silver
She's still a mystery to me
The way she sails away slow
woke up one day and found him gone

But the craving for somebody's love 
Is still ever present in her world
And she fights that lovin' feeling
still hear sweet mysteries
Calling you
The bands and the roadies
Lovin' 'em and leavin' 'em
It's pleasure to try 'em
It's trouble to keep 'em
'Cause it
Ka-chicka-chicka Ka-chicka-chicka-good
Things come to those who wait
But too late my life's to great to wait
I wanna, celebrate good times, c'mon

Livin lovin
stopped lovin' him

There's a place deep in her soul, a place she'll always hold
Only for him
Still, she gets down on her knees, prays that she won't be
the river, are the old folks still the same
And by the way, did she mention my name
Did she mention my name just in passing
And when the morning came, do
to California
The year her mama got sick
So she hung around to do what she could
Had the first one and that was it
Then her mom passed on
But she still goes
terrible secret
And untangle the mystery of her life?
Will they ever know why she disappeared?
Was she still as gone after all these years?

Was she
still a mystery how I fell in love with her all by myself

She's her own woman
Got it goin' on, that's suits me fine
You're gunna have to find your own
guess we're overdue
Oh and by the way, I never stopped lovin' you

I remember where you got that sweatshirt you're wearin'
Do you?
I won it
dreamed as years go by
Makes her love grow sweeter still in my eyes
In my eyes she is my woman
to being lucky she's cursed
When it comes to lovin' me she's worst
But when it comes to being loved she's first
That's how I know

The first cut is
Girl of glamor 

Scarlett never cries 
She shakes her head and sighs 
At all life's little mysteries 
And where she fits in all
Sometimes love can't explain
Each and every rule of the game
Still remains a mystery to me
By any other name

Why she can't make up her mind
It means so much if she's your sister or your mother or your lovin' wife

I guess we guys might never really know
How good we've got it but we'd like
He still sends her roses on the 4th of July.
They're always white roses, she's never asked why.
She still doesn't know where he goes, Thursday
And she knew the dream was over
But, the nightmare was not over
Still some call that a dream
The nightmare... the nightmare

Well, you cannot know
Over on the hill
There grows a flower
Growing quicker still
More perfect by the hour
Deep within that flower
Is a tiny chair 
All a-fringed
said I know my rider, If I see her in the dark 

Now, I goin' to Rosedale, Take my rider by my side 
Still barrelhouse, If it's on the riverside, yeah
She loved him like he was
The last man on Earth
Gave him everything she ever had
He'd break her spirit down
Then come lovin' up on her
Give a little
to the bedroom
Found a note by the window
With the curtains blowin' in the breeze

And with a broken wing
She still sings
She keeps an eye on the sky
baby now

I loved her then and I guess I love her still
Hers is the face I see when a certain mood moves in
She lives in my blood and skin
Her wild
Just a still town girl on a saturday night
Lookin' for the fight of her life
In the real-time world no one sees her at all
They all say she's
fickle mind
I know she' lovin' someone
Somewhere down the line
I know that she still has a key
I'm waiting by the door
But that train don't stop here