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the glow.

The god ov an era, of sins
That everyone ov us take part
And coward sheeps, guided by shepherd that rots
Making filthy and morbid the air that
How can you be trusted
The denial of truth
Spreading from one flock to the next
How can you trust
How can you be trusted
Infecting each of the sheep
hit the mark like a shot into a Kennedy
Drop shit as hot as a Molotov toss
I'm abdominal rot, y'all common cold coughs
Sorta like bad service how he
sorry now but talk is cheap, shoulda thought it before
You're the sorry flock of sheep who made me rot to core
and of course you'll make a break
a rock that I love to knock it hard
Soon as the cops spot the sheep in the flock
being rot and chop by death roll of the croc
I became the hotshot
to rot and be
Begotten sheep
That followed the same system that forgot them G
Or what about the innocent immigrants you said got to leave
Can't show love
You probably see my like I’m a disease

A monster that will rot in hell with sheep
Because I put on a coat of a fake trustee
Everywhere I walk I got
Christ and his lies, bind me not
Sheep of God watch your shepherd rot
Exposed as a fake by Lucifer's light
Christ destroyed by satanic might
Fuck what you think
Just a walking sheep, ya
Fuck what they think
Wanting to watch you rot a-w-a-y, ya
Fuck what you think
Just a walking sheep, ya
Black cat, black sheep, white kid, spazzed up
BrainRot, Fuckin rot your Brain when you act up
Try to step to me motherfucker better back up
Come across me
Put your necklace on for the day ones (I put it on)
Had so many thoughts bout the sheep
I can feel their sorrow, comin up to me

i said fuck these
and I'm left for dead
I'm grabbing the covers and pulling em over my head
I swear that I can't be caught I aint tryna rot
Its good that at that age I wasn't
I'm here to keep the sheep from Little Bo Peep
Who follow what they hear
Every day of the week
It's like they hit their peak
Of stupidity techniques
the sheep inside

So what now we are just stuck
Why do we just have to rot
What did we ever do wrong
And why did it have to be us

All I wanted was a happy
Let your spirit rot

Bodies gone flop
strike down targets with some lightning
Third eye always open be hella enlightening
the sheep----- tonight they weep

FEAR -----for the feeding

GASP------clutched in groups

no they dont

no they dont hope


these poor sheep
your heart and crush you with debt
High above the vultures scour waiting for the weakest hour
down below the serpents reap feasting on the mindless sheep
The sheep - tonight they weep
Fear - for the feeding
Gasp - clutched in groups
No they don't

No they don't hope
The sheep - tonight they weep
Can't put myself to sleep
I hate myself
I hate this body
Why should I be me?
Wish I could dream, I'm countin' sheep

But everything repeats
all for nought
To rot in a grave as a slave to the dirt
Barely living, don't think of fucking dreaming
Cause it's all for nought, you'll still rot in
sleep I guarantee that he won't get me in my sleep

Look you a sheep and you think
Life is great
I'm trapped on this earth
And I need to escape
My home in
the body rot to the bone structure
Scrape out your brain, watch your eyeballs rupture
Black magic, leave your fuckin' skull in a soup pot
I am a sheep
Do not listen to me
When I bleat
But that's not the will I've got
No, I won't sit quietly now
Yeah I'll die before I rot
Oh, now
I'll see you rot in hell cause I won't be silent

I watched you lie
Like a fucking child
Everything that you said
Just to ruin my life
And now

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