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Take it off by Firehouse

Baby step right up and don't be shy
There's no doubt tonight's the night
The way you've been teasin' me we're both gettin'
Sometimes I scream, sometimes I cry
Sometimes I just lie in illusion
Some nights I shake, some nights I sweat
Some nights I'm just wet with
the chance,
'Cause it's all gonna tumble down.
It's gonna shake apart, and crumble to the ground.
you too!
Awfully big jaws, now!
The way she do me boy
She might do you too!
Shake up the...
I'll tumble for ya!
Oh no!
The way she do me boy
She might
I feel sorry for those that doublecross me
Cause this he say she say got me hot like coffee
By the way snitches get found in ditches
Or Agent Salk
of the cabin
Camp floggnaw nigga you can tell by the badge
(Pass me my inhaler)
I'm sick of hacking and coughing, I'm often this fucking awesome
I'm animals,
Toss and tumble
My voodoo do so my poetry
Now chicken blood or poulty
My victim been shook
By a pack of coyote
Soarin' through the night
Mi revalueshanary fren is nat di same agen
Yu know fram wen ?

fram di masses shata silence
Staat fi grumble
Fram pawty paramoncy tek a tumble
to fag off.
Tell him he sager,
inhale when I heard the word was abandonin' me,
my plan would be crumbled.
I tumble down in tears,
pressured by the cops
graves in tomb stones alone
One on one, microphone or phone
Stampedin' like a heard of buffalo you tumble
Now when you try to get up, motherfucker you
is H.A.W.K. and I'll let you know, on this track by Shadow
All go fuck blow, and kick in the fucking do'

[Hook - 2x]

The Southside got