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We all live on an idle TV show
Get turned on by sex on the radio
Yeah it's low

Now she walks and talks like everybody else
Loses control and she
to crave for now
(I need)
Have made me just a slave for what
(I need, I need)
Yes, I am just a slave for what
(I need)

(I need)
(I need)
(I need)
On silent wings through the darkness of aeons he comes
driven by bloodlust and craving for unholy passion
ecstatic for wicked slave abuse he enters
You and I, we are strangers by one chromosome
Slave to the hormone, body and soul
In a struggle to be happy and free
Swimming in a primitive sea
days straight I do the same
She becomes by dead, decayed child sex slave
Her neck I hack, cutting through the back
I use her mouth to eject

Here I
You're my soaking wet ecstasy
Like sex on the beach
I want to take you home now, girl
Gonna practice what I preach, dig

I'm comin' home, girl
consumer slaves
A rose by any other name

Carbon footprint, incest streams
Fuck the mother in the green
Planet cancer, sweet revenge
Isolation, online
on and love me inside 
But I'm still waitin

Days go by with cigarettes 
And someone put a coin in a wishing well 
Why am I slave under the female sex 
Massdestructive strategy
An evil plan of first degree
How perverts will be the end
We all will die by evil's hand

Sex, virus attacks
Virus attacks an soiling blood
I am a soldier I'm a slave of power
Power so great that it can destroy God's world with one mighty blast
I'm a machine a computer an engine
passion, i;m a slave to my trade
How can you be so possessed by the profit that's been made

I live for love where love's insane, I need to numb to ease
Beauteous rot!

Legions of sex slaves have flocked in my calls
You are the most grotesque of them all
Warts and protrusions the beg for the grave
the master to the slave.
Yeah, it's a long way
From New York City to Santa Fe.
Back where we belong.
You got luxury problems.

I got Daddy's membership card
sex and no do's

I just need me a little good lovin'
Sex she wants but she wasn't my cousin
Sexually, she can be, so misleadin'
I've been watching for years and years
Programmed by money, sex and darker fears
Forty thousand killings seen
By the time that I'm eighteen
made you a slave and he gave you a bible
400 years gettin' our ass kicked
By so-called christians and catholics
But I watch 'em burn in a fire
If I could stick my hand in my heart
Spill it all over the stage
Would it satisfy you
Would it slide on by you
Would you think the boy is strange






with me
Judgement cloudy 'cause the booze been in me
Wake up and she’s by my left
Please tell me that we ain’t have sex
Her cigarette taste all on my
to wrap myself up in the sheets because of them roaches
The H-I-V the A-I-D-S
The only safe sex is to not have sex
We be sniffing, smoking or drinking
I'm a working stiff like dear old dad,
And to you and yours nothing but curses,
You'll slave your life away,
And for what?
You're just as dead
me what I need

Sex fiends with a vacant dream, a tattoo of a soul
And the words you said ringing in my head
Wonder where the love they stole is hiding
and tell me what I need
Sex fiends with a vacant dream, a tattoo of a soul
And the words you said, still ringing in my head
Wonder where the love they
M-C's are the field like pick cotton for real
I pop blocks like beat street with a notch n' a kill
They take the strongest of slaves to compete in
between the races.
He hold the rock, call for sweat shops.
Guard the set shop replaced by sex shops.
The highest bidder, no room for the quitter.
I'll ride you to your death and squeeze blood from your breast
And work you like a sex slave, you gets no rest
I can see it in your eyes, the devil's