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motors running!

So you drive red (you drive red)
And I'll drive black (I'll drive black)
(We'll see who's machine was most recently serviced)
now I'm earning
And I need a crib fully furnished
But I got me a uhh, full serviced
And I keep it around when if I'm working
Only keep it around
Seems to wilt away
In continual frustration
Cause if you want to be serviced with a smile
You gotta reciprocate
More than every once in a while
shoot 'em
Don't waste time, little nigga just do it
Any nigga out of order must be serviced
See now now you hesitating, boy, you making me nervous
flippin brick houses,we call it real estate
5 thousand by the pound get ya curb serviced
sell a lot of grass like i got a lawn service


Serviced and kinded
Before we've paid
And then we'll pay some more
Do you know the score?
Cause I'm so fucking bored!

Life is not a dream 
When you
son, I get dumb 
Word to my mother the father the holy ghost and Rev Run, 
When the Source set it down, I'm inner serviced 
To cop the type of verses
It's like dope man, 'cause it's so dope man
I'm a customer get serviced on the regular
With that drug man, it keeps me up man
Can't get enough, no I
of Pirelli's elixir, and I say to you
That it is nothing but an errant fraud, concocted fr om
Piss and ink. And furthermore Signor" I have
Serviced no kings,
grandfather cigs, Paul Wall, my grill is
Tipping my verses, my bitches get serviced
We vicious, we serpents, we ripping this Earth shit

Uh, this is how I
on me, patron of dust
Fragmented focus and no promises
No wonder our brains drip out of our well-serviced holes

Observe... the stimulus gorge
Flip verses, skip curses, dodge hershes
Collect fat purses, stay serviced, above the day
Planet earth for granted a thousand emcees of my sex in inside
And y'all don't purchase so y'all worthless
But overseas and on both coasts
You notice two of the dopest vocalists
So focus, Boot Camp Clik is
your life to gag
When homie got back, treat em like he Sad Sack
Serviced the country then he ended with a crash 
The fairy tale finish then they bow for
Yeah, you (yeah)
Specifically (oh)

The AAA Girls went bankrupt morally
Willam met some models and serviced them orally
He's probably on his way
another DJ?
Special request: I serviced his ass with the AK
P-P-P-P-P-Pow muthafucka, ain't no love in my mind
Ain't no tarnishing my game, ain't no dulling
Yet another victim serviced by the Goldfinger
Cuts stimulate, chop on the flavor hit the Ave.
On the wax and vibrate like a ninja
Mr. Daddy Rich
Trust beyond faith
Giving in
Living in
Beneath the surface
That never serviced
You or I
Words that tie things
Knots for seizing
Nigga got me spilling my bourbon
And I'm not gon' be the one cock a heater run up and you could get serviced
I put you in a box and lock you inside

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