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Night after night, I try to make it all fit together
Night after night, I see you as someone I remember
You took me by surprise, opened up my eyes
Baby tell me is that so wrong
I don't ever want to say good night to you
I wanna hold you all night long

Baby this is serious
Baby, baby,
I have a number in my head
Thought I don't know why it's there
When numbers get serious
You see their shape everywhere
Dividing and multiplying
Skirr donuts i`m (soooo serious)

(Mack 10)
I don`t talk about it
I be about it
I drive by
& bust heat about it
In the front page you`ll
I I I I can't take you serious, are you serious?

Don't cry
Don't cry
Oh, it's all gonna be alright

Years go by whether you want them
on the flipside
Cause Your life expectancy is your last cigarette
And your friends all call you Mister Serious.

Hop the train
Racing by
Mayhem calls
To you
you feel it but you've never seen it
I can't make up for days gone by
But I've got to give it one more try

I'm serious
Yeah baby dead serious
You ain't goin' nowhere
Gonna sit by this pool until you fall in
Didn't know what you were getting into
When you walked into this room
Did you,
turned by a glove in the crimes of night
A nurse in an ambulance rides
He "don't deserve it", the patient is right

There are times
You ask me why
We cannot make love
I have been ransacking you
For the answer

Side by side we lay
Not touching
Listening to rain falling
I was just a joker in a serious game
I Didn't have the Heart to play
But sooner or later
I'll find a reason to throw it away
Risin' on the crest
We march to the sound of different drums
For we both want different things from life
You don't care to discuss anything serious
While I want
to sleep all day.
I don't want to ride a crowded subway,
I want to go by car. 

You don't need to be serious.
You don't need to be a walrus.
You don't
I don't wanna get up early in the morning
I wanna sleep all day
I don't wanna ride a crowded subway
I wanna go by car

You don't need to be serious
it in when you go
Gave that man just one more chance
To prove that there's no more

I have told you life's a worry and it's true
You're so serious
He had fun experience 
Nothing he does ever makes sense 
He is only curious 
Don't take it serious 

So tough 
You can't take anymore now
Comments hard at me, I'm serious, yeah
Comments hard at me, I'm curious, yeah
Money I can bring but I'm serious, yeah
Shawty, I can bring you
Yeah, I said yeah
I remember the first time
That I ever seen her face
I was standing by the drug store
Tryin' to save the human race

all in my face
It get serious it ain't no game
So I got to keep that thing at my waist

Which part of no games niggas don't understand
Your dealing
Your soldiers and your machines
The sun been blacked out by shadows
The darkest hour now you've ever seen

And I'm easy and I'm serious
Yeah, get it in the morning, yeah, yeah, yeah
'Cause I'm so serious, 
You get it in the morning
'Cause I'm so serious

So serious man
Listen up
You and I again
These days go by
And I wish that I could 
Slow the whole thing down

Have it all back again
Just one more time
Then again
Baby, your heart is in serious danger,
Don't go out with her.
She'll lead you on, treat you like a stranger,
Don't go out with her.
You need
America is stressed
That's according to a recent survey
Conducted by this country's leading
Non-profit mental health organization
This mental
a serious dream
With revenge and doubt
Tonight, we smoked them out

You are ahead by a century
You are ahead by a century
You are ahead by a century

You are