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Alas alas
For the human race

For the kings
The kings of separation


street case
And I'll be damned, he started playing our song

Six degrees of separation
You're all over this damn nation
But I'm out of your reach
Capture me

Separation anxiety
Hey, separate the anxiety
Hey, separate the anxiety
Hey, you know it's mine

I can't let you go
'Cause you're a part
as tears subside, we move our own way.

Separation's the only way...
Separation starts today...
On and on and on and on
On and on and on and on
Inna Babylon

United nations
Divided tensions
Body count rises
While leaders lie

a quest for flesh

I've seen it all
Genocide and chaos
Aggressive impact
Tools of separation

I've seen it all
The falcon of desire
Ethnic horror
Well the lush separation unfolds you 
And the products of wealth
Push you along on the bow wave
Of their spiritless undying selves
And you press


They won't respect you in the morning
I feel the same, I
on getting smaller and smaller
And everything comes back full circle, full circle
Six degrees of separation
We all know someone else
It all comes full circle
Particle separation room
Is made without windows
They say its because someone might break in
And take whatever they chose
And making kingfish
Separation, Disfigured, Bloodless Exit
Soul Embrace, Soul Embraced With Pain
Burning Existence, Eternally Separated
Savior Lost, Heaven Lost
Feel the need, to act on what you hear!

Did they say we were hard?!
Did they say we were separation?!
Citizens of a bastard nation?!

Waste me for
Separation from the faceless majority 
Step on the outside look on the inside tear tear it apart, 
A prisoner only in your own mind 
to explain 
The reasons we must remember 
Singing razor blade 
And which will never be the same 
Just before the separation 
Let us drink ourselves into
And that's grounds for separation
Preparation for better things
Gonna grow a new set of wings
And fly away

Robot action, conditioned response
the side of the river of life

Where the charming roses bloom forever
And where separations come no more
If we never meet again this side of Heaven
I will
Separation, separation, Seperation...
From your heart

Burn my eyes
Burn my flesh
Burn my will

Empty inside
Unbearable separation
From your light
Separation from the body of Christ.
Town divided in numerous districts.

The globe all covered be wanderers. They roam with no direction.
The holy
If we're only six degrees of separation, how can I know you in dreams?
Travelin' to freeze a drop in all the ocean, can you cross all five between?
Bugzy Malone
You know
I need you to picture this, I need you to picture this
(Sounds of the Sir)

Separation's mad, 'cause we don't even
In that land beyond the skies
Where there'll be no separation
No more marching, no more sighs

Some have gone to lands far distant
And with
you know something
So many miles and miles away

In separation we come together
It never ends change has just begun
Believing as we release
you know something
So many miles and miles away

In separation we come together
It never ends change has just begun
Believing as we release

Gone to heaven
On a cloud,
And though they laugh, you know inside
That no-one ever loves a clown,
But if the people clap,
You'll do it all

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