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collided into blue

But I want you
I still want you

As we got stronger we went our separate ways
That’s what we needed and we craved
Time has no
there people stare
Let down by your own mind

Day of appreciation
For ways your mind has not yet let you down
The truth is that we will all go
the journey takes you all the way
As apart from any reality that you've ever seen and known
Guessing problems only to deceive the mention

Passing paths
Now we go our separate ways Mr and Mrs Used To Be

For oh so long I've loved you I know that you loved me
But time moved on and we grew far apart
We thought our love would take the world by storm

Are we too far apart?
Two worlds among the stars
You’re gonna take a piece of my heart
If you
apart,for different men that shared the same heart
It had happen this way
Us go our separate way
Would be lying if I said I didn't miss the co-fax days
these fears

Will tear you apart
And it's been this way since time began
It's an endless journey, it's the fate of man
To live each day and never
Aside from the name that holds us together
Now I think we'd fall apart
It's the years we'll pretend we've forgotten
What separates our hearts
they must part
Each their own separate way

It puzzles me how we can be so close and yet worlds apart
Can it be, my memory has torn my life in two
The dead that slid into the seas
Did freeze before our eyes

Then a wind did fling the ships apart
Each one to go her separate way
The sky did howl,
Two worlds among the stars
You’re gonna take a piece of my heart 
If you leave

So it’s two separate ways
Or am I too late to say?
I wanna
scoundrels prowl around aroused by foul sounds of damaged companionship, together sever each other, life will tear us apart, words will tear us apart, life
You used me
Abused me
Sad to say we'll go our separate ways
Days will pass but time can't take away
All the pain caused today

first time

Well I know I lost just a little bit on the journey
When my mind's been split by little things that didn't fit on the way
Oh I know I lost
We turned water into wine but that didn't last
We were the victims of our age
Now we live on different floors
And go our separate ways
And talk
(Words by Daryl Hall & John Oates
Music by Daryl Hall)

You and I have separate lives girl
You and I go different ways on roads that cross
When love
different manners
In so many different ways
I used to think this dream we had
Could never come apart
And I used to know this song by heart

So when I
any further (stand back)
And watch your family fall apart (much more)
Much more than playing off of words but
Losing a piece of myself

(With what
you're everything-then you're nothing again 

We all know that the journey means more than where you wind up 
But they don't know what it's like
didn't know it would be the last time 
The last time i saw you

At Waterloo we went our separate ways
When i got in my cab i didn't turn and wave
face separate ways
You just be the critic and I'll set the example by setting
My rules
Stuck between
That I set
And the set backs
In this
Madness driven by the depths below
One world, one world 
Tells me everything I need to know
It's not the way that I want it
It's just
not one to say
But she has a way
Of winding that thread
She has a way
Now there's this little dark heart
Fate playing her part
She has her ways
the river

Sudden call shouldn't take away the startled memory
All in all, the journey takes you all the way
As apart from any reality that you've ever
away your distrust and your grudge 
Words without work is not enough 
And everyday you make a pull, the journey get rough 
What is this world without