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Cleveland Bound Dea…  


Conception is a crime
The guilt and sentence lie
In crematorium flame
Born guilty into this prison
They won't be forgiven

Consumed with vengeance
Life is a death sentence

Tormented screams come from the shadows
Talking to myself again
My sentences ramble at great length
And I believe I have just started
To bore the only guy who`s listening
Battering down sentence, Fighting Against Convictions (2X)
I find myself growing in an environment 
Where finding food is just as hard as paying
Can you hear us?

Vergiss uns nicht

[the last sentence means "Don't forget us"]
matter what you say or feel
When honest men become deranged, they'll genuflect to a lie

The sin and the sentence
Penance in the fire (to a lie)
Ooh, yeah, Chicago

If love is a crime baby, I'd do my time
Whether it's wrong or right, you can sentence me to life
If love is a crime baby, I'd
[Music: Yattering, Lyrics: Jhabba]

Sentence has dropped...
Waiting for social terms of thankfulness
Arrangement of next subtle plan
It's senior year
All you care about is your career 

It's a Life Sentence
It's a Life Sentence
It's a Life Sentence
It's a Life Sentence
I can't make her see
Judge of hearts make her understand what she means to me

Don't sentence me to live my life in this prison of broken hearts
Here speaks the voice of reason
It's talking to me loud and clearly
And obviously, it's something to say

Here comes another sentence
It is
something I could feel

Love is all that matters
Faithful and forever
Keepin' us together
Love is all we need
Prisoner of illusion
Sentence is
I came back on the trail of a man
Things are the same as when I left
Well I so wanted to say hey
But I know you think my sentence was too light
be censored
Read between each secret sentence
Hand written for my dearest
Cipher love

Careless talk can cost lives
But our minds will connect
burned down
I heard that phone call
The hesitation, the awkward silence
I felt everything in those seconds
Splinters of sentence and heartless advice
This idea is sufficiently plausible in an attempt to account
For the phenomenon the sickness and the sentence
Of blood. 

I could no longer
Through the agony that lies around us
I try to cry with my desperate voice
Sentences from the labyrinths of humanity
Medleys of love and sorrow
Morton was lonely
Mister Morton was

Mister Morton is the subject of the
Sentence and what the predicate says,
He does

Mister Morton knew just one
Wait patiently and suddenly see
Motivation that cries out
Mutilation of the senses
Finish your sentence
Taste the bones before chewing
Shout out
Since you left me
I'm finding out what heartbreak is
So help me, save me
You are the judge and I'm your prisoner

Don't sentence me into
You knew in five minutes
But I knew in a sentence
You knew in five minutes
But I knew in a sentence

So why do we go through all of this again?
where you are
You haven't grown
Go on alone
Never finished his sentence
Remained in seclusion
For the next few days
The family circle noose
He had
blame me?
I got the feel that I'm gone, turn to dust
Sentence, rape me, segregate me
I got the fear that I'm gone, turn to dust

Slave or sympathy,
Are quelled
With effective measures

The sentence is read
Word that you dread

Walk through Hell's gate

You've lost your head

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