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rhymes like a quarterback 
A monster, murder motherfuckers like Manson 
A madmen who mutilize men with 9mm 
Bullets ?(brobab)? brother back to back I
watchin 'Menace', he musta thougth he was O-Dog
Ass out for the last nigga that wanted drama
Because I smoked him with the 9mm lama
You fake thugs ain't
'cause I put the title to the benz on the line twice
I rock shit 'cause I stay on that block shit
That 9mm ruger to your knot shit
See the difference is
gatted up
With the 9mm hittin, spittin in the darkness
So pass me a light, so I can spark this
Blunt, punk, or get slapped upside yo black head
Don't smoke
think they can step to
A pretty seditty lady from the city
Looks are deceiving but my attitude is shitty
And don't try to step to me quick
Cause a 9mm in
of the senseless
What's your line of questioning, sir?

Empire of the senseless
I can't interrupt (intercept) a one word sentence,
Invent a war in secrecy
love him.

Our thoughts are hot and crazed, our brains are webbed in haze,
Of mindless senseless daze, the Black Widow.
These words he speaks are
Disgraceful, the evil done by false prophets in God's name
Profit from intimidating poor, lost souls into the flock
Selling a grand facade, pompous
you're no martyrs
(No martyrs) 
(No martyrs) 
(No martyrs) 

Broke and sickened by the senseless atrocity
And repulsion for this old world reality
into the domination

You don't know what it's like
Enduring the pain of a senseless crime
Corrupted by the promise of words
The hopeful lured by
These words he speaks are true
We're all humanary stew
If we don't pledge allegiance to
The Black Widow

The horror that he brings
The horror
(music: Flo Schwarz lyrics: Flo Schwarz / Tim Eiermann)
Yeah you are my twinaleblood
Your life is my infinity, your shape was made by XTC
Yeah you
On the path that divides
You were there by my side
There will be no betrayal tonight

I've found courage and strength
In the words you once
joyful that I have found you
All's I need's is to see you now

Slain by the words I lack
My world is bursting sappy music and
With the face so sad I long
No one hears you
No one fears you
You are invisible, nothing, trace of belief

You're going blind, dazzeled by
The beauty of the day
Was it worth it?
Did you ever think it was?
A waste of breath
Such vicious death
With words of intolerance
A strike against us
In your ignorance
Coltrane and her cosmic strains
Still no vocal on blue black horizons

Your plasticity is tested by a formless assault
The sun can answer questions in
I’m leavin’ town this morning
Back on a midnight ride
No destination weary
Caught in the same old stride
And oh my lord I’ll see you
Ruined by
face winners and losers in a senseless race

The first hit is to be forgiven but the second counts you out
And if you shout out for help here, you'd
A single tent was left lonesome in the woods
When the cannons spoke the words
Murderers took off the hoods


For all times rise
When you're down and out
When you're full of doubt
All you do is kick and shout

I'm amazed by the senseless and sensitive words we've got a talent
I’m leavin’ town this morning
Back on a midnight ride
No destination weary
Caught in the same old stride
And oh my lord I’ll see you
Ruined by
A camouflage of lack of faith:
The order of the senseless strikes again!
Words were spoken, lies were told
My broken bones displayed in acid rain

need's you to see me now 

Slain by the words I lack 
The world is bursting sappy music and 
With your face so sad I long to make you mine 
Slain by
thoughts, nameless words
You cannot act, you have no will
Controlled by poison, suddenly you scream
Father returns: "Get on your knees!"


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