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from Memphis

A song playing in my head
Send me an angel
Move on up ahead
(Scent of an angel)

Sending a message
'Cause I feel a little cold
emcee's fiercely
Focus upon the facts that facts can be fabricated to form lies
My phonetics alone forces feeble emcees into defense on the fly
Feel me
man, half monster like Bruce Banner
Camouflage Scorpion vendetta with a black Beretta, serial killer
Federal Expressman, FedEx, send deathbed letter,
the angels
The scorpion tongue
Come close I'ma sting you, I'm Morpheus' son
Part two to The Matrix, I'm atheist
Only God is my gauges and the clip is my church
cells bust lines laced with angel-dust 
X-factor, X-men declare war 
Send your ambassador 
Send the whole peace core 
No shore carnivore attacks
I'm standing by the train tracks
Then you see me running but naked with a battle axe
I'm swinging and slicing and chopping and cutting and..
Aah, until
How did all the dreaming in my life arrive at such a bitter end?
On the rooftops draped in black, denial stopped me in my tracks
By the fearful light
Roy G Bid marking the path for the chosen one
An angel, my grandma, told me before she died
Smart folks don't need to put no cursing in they rhymes
1: Vex ]
I got Armageddon weaponry like the 7th Seal
Jahwe send me soundwaves (sshaa-sshaaa) that you feel
Hail and fire, a burning mountain, it's
This track is tight you should be clapping your hands 
[ clapping your hands] 4x

As we ride by the end of the night
You will
Know what I'm sayin'

A wise man told me evil was lurkin' and if you found it
Try your best to not put yourself around it
'Cuz when you in it
with Finesse, pal 

And when I'm done with ya, send your man for the next round 

Andre the Giant, tell me how ya living 

(Get on down to the old
people skewered and leaks ya fluids
into the streets and sewers, if by chance God sees me do it
Should shoot a big hole down to Hell and lead me to it
promise, you stayed by your mom when I'm gone
I'll be back in a couple of months, give me kisses I'll be missing you a ton
Homesick every time I'm
the center of the Hell Hole
And I smell ya nose in my business
By the way tell Santa Claus, I mean Satan Claus who
want to burn a devil up for Christmas
Yeah, I go by the name of Cassidy the Hustler
And I brought two of my niggaz with me
And we about to shut the industry down
Aiyyo Wheezy let's get
Yeah, I go by the name of Cassidy the Hustler
And I brought two of my niggaz with me
And we about to shut the industry down
Aiyyo Wheezy let's get