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callin' themselves police
Be them same suckers going home selling hella weed
Everybody's human we need to live by the constitution
I ain't no dummy, behind
and get me
Now I’m old and shit is trippy, but I know that god is with me
This that baby mama drama
Give a fuck about a man I know Imma
Be there for my son,
of drama, I'm the first to break wild til they all die
This is how we ride
Not knowing if we'll live or die
Catch me rolling with my motherfucking guns
roughneck group
They try to tell you that it ain't that hard
You can make mad money selling dope by the school yard
But either way I take the bad with
live the thug life
Ducking dodging cops, and selling drugs all night
I know it seems hard, but it'll be alright
Oooh, it's alright-i-ight

by somebody that still live with they mama
But that's the only way she know, to get away from all the drama
As for books, the mind is a terrible thing
a second time to photobomb it
I live by a code of demonic, Illuminati, Obama, Hovanomics
Hold up, hurdles in life, I hop in a Turbo and roll around 'em
children to live on
Wanna hurt and try to hate, 'cause she know the thrill is gone
Say man, I stopped smoking wit' haters back in ninety-four
But niggas
Knowing she be the only one at your side, helping you through your drama.
That's you
Selling crack but can't make no profit,
Cause you smoking
write a book of all the drama that I been in
But fuck feeling sorry for myself I'm still living
To that girl that loved I won't forget you
the Herculoids had to kick ‘em out the group.
Yo we used to see drama on the after-school scene, 
Tiny Tunes started beefin with Beverly Hills Team, 
cause I ain't tripping no more

Nigga I'm tired, this drama got me booted and fried
At least I got records in the store bitch nigga you getting