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If the world isn't the inner of myself

I've been sold
Segregated holocaust
Holocaust of segregation
I've been sold
to freedom
To liberty  
Every line creates a reality

Far away the segregated minds
How you can see or what you find
To answer every one
Secrets and mysteries
segregated black diamonds on me

Bad lil bitch 
Magnificent smile 
Jewels on her neck from magnificent mile
She gotta nice shape, the talk of the town
Fuck two bitches we don't care if they related
Black and white diamonds keep my chains segregated
Me and my niggas stick together like they Haitians
of winners
My niggas know
Heaven inside your soul
Keep me segregated from haters we just oppose
I just oppose all the glitter and gold
Will make
When the heat was on, everybody traded places (traded, traded)
They were choosin' sides like we was segregated (over here, over there)
Throwin' shots,
am fascinated
You want us segregated
I just wanna go about my biz
Babe I think it's distasteful
Pointing out the races
How you see's outdated, get off
I been contemplating about what we gone lose
I've been aggravated about who you gone chose 
I've been segregated from my mind and my mood
All because
Colour spectrum break down
All feel free in segregation
This kind of freedom's messed up
But all colours segregated
Safe space almost understatement
Lord I’m calling you
Lord I need you
At the age of 8 her segregated bruises caused confusion
Infused with the illusion that retribution was
the dragons breath

Segregated, At the Lowest Point
Locked in a vice snare
Paralyzed, At the Lowest Point
Dormant and impaired

The wretch that struck on your
We'll be post-nuptially segregated
Choosing alternative lifestyles on the devotional fringe
We're the maritally challenged

It's not that you
as a family doing shows singing songs
But this was through the Segregated South
And before someone got punched in they segregated mouth, Perry was out
the same.
Pure ignorant through process to blame, segregated by our human hatred.
We are the same 
We are the same 

Racist human beings, molded
does it all mean
Livin' a life of darkness (Medieval times)
Trynna see it clearly (Read between the lines)
Segregated, a constant divide
(Free cause we just made it)
Built homes and procreated (Procreated)
Jim Crow now segregated (Segregated)
Three fifths is what they stated (What they
I try to numb my pain inside
But it takes me away to paradise
I tried to run but I can't hide
I'm segregated out my mind
And I hate myself
My hate
Aye headed to Miami, city of the greatest
Now I'm flexing on my ex's, damn all of them hate it, ugh gated community 
I like my property segregated
off his plate
That's just how he was raised in his hood
He teach me Section.80
So anyone outside of my circle getting segregated
And all my haters
Nor shall we be segregated
No more label
We have come to identify as the children

We will not be neglected
Nor shall we be segregated
No more label
The illusions of time builds illusions in the mind
A temperament that is now redefined

Let go
It has boiled down to this segregated line
Oh no
In here we will
lazy bored and orphaned 
Live off my inheritance and government funds 
Oh I'm so petty poor and plastic 
Hot cold segregated cult and decor 

I don't
waiting for a long time
to put something out like this
Ya’ll better put ya’ll hands together
I been waiting to talk about this nation
This very segregated
Where the leaves at
Wheres the politician greed 
And the segregated feedback  

There go twelve hide the weed bag 
What a time 
What a time just to be

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