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them a segregate and a interrogate


Them couldn't get we down

Food in a plate still a hold the faith,

Jah Jah city Jah Jah town

Them wah fi
blame me?
I got the feel that I'm gone, turn to dust
Sentence, rape me, segregate me
I got the fear that I'm gone, turn to dust

Slave or sympathy,
Horror stories, talking heads
Segregate the living dead
The living dead

I'm a shadow on your brightest dreams
A horse for Baron Samedi
Pure voodoo
Why we segregate part ways
Why a virus stopped the world
Quarantine for some days 
Why Why 

Why we still live in dark days
Why we segregate part ways
USA USA Came from Africa live in USA
USA USA came from Africa live in USA
Home of corrupt cops where white kids bust shots 
Segregate certain spots
But this is not a test

You treat me like I'm blind
Setting fires around houses on the hill
But light gives heat
You segregate my mind
Burning crosses

Throw me in cuffs, no chance of parole
Back in the house, thirty days in the hole
Segregate me from the local population, your love is, uh,
is the new rage
The new world order
A plan that’s been put into place
Segregate, close the borders
Same four fucking walls, I have been trapped inside
Madam officer, Lord, or whoever,
Are they safe? Can you see?
As they sky shouts back,
"If you want life back segregate your selfish ways"

It's in the air - That we breathe each day
It's what we call - the American Way
It's in the way - That we treat each other
We segregate - And we fight
Brothas get it twisted what it’s all about
We dyin young why ignore it now
We need to make Malcom and Luther proud
Don't segregate come together now
do not segregate 
So i make this positive  music to try and elevate
And  to all the people we miss this one I dedicate 
Back in the day when we
care for me 
So don't underrate me, don't underrate me  
Dont segregate me, don't segregate   
We all here for a purpose, oh yea 
Live life as it
by fear
I got a million in one breaths to take
Before my last in suddenly taken away from me
Please no drama
I hate to segregate
Just live

Du du du du
Is more love in this world
Oh yes yes 
Yes we do

It is not too late
To appreciate
Please don't segregate 
No more
It is not too late
To appreciate
the cops bought us
Hoodie always stay on us
Don’t Trayvon us
Murder black people 
'Cause they tryna trademark us
Segregated the genders for segregate martyrs
Nobody knew what I felt that day
Just like they conformed and segregate
It wasn't easy
Extremity I hope they foresee
Straight from a canal we breathe
clarity, I see through it all
I see the reality
Yeah so let's talk about reality
Segregate the dumb masses, part the red sea
Create social classes, water
Try to regulate us
Wanna segregate us
Till we terminate
Time to celebrate us
Hey U, man
U, hu-man too
U and me too man
I’m only U
to segregate yourself
Forget to flagellate yourself
Door meets door in the glamorous mansion
Forget to segregate yourself
Forget to flagellate yourself
And it's
We try to save but we're sold all the gold banks have stolen
To control and dominate they separate, segregate, isolate until we trust no-one
We have
We used to suffer, now ah everyday we celebrate
No money cyan ever mek we segregate
Dawg man ah come from sardine but nowadays ah steak
who you think you are

God licks your face - just like your dog 
Starve the minds and drain the face, segregate shit nigga race
Cry for credible
God licks your face - just like your dog
starve the minds and drain the face, segregate shit nigga race,
cry for credible debate, but now them blackies

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