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I think angels get high
Cause I can't describe all these clouds in the sky
I think God must have cried
Cause I can't describe all this rain in my
might have ta rob
A don't know just ta get by word
On the road for lifers
Bullets in the fire
Check the chain link
Swayze I'm slummin
Let 'em know
Prepare to meet your maker in the skies over the pyramids
Check stonehenge
Go ask the Mayans
2012 soon come
I will be waitin' sayin' I told you
ナル タラ ヘバヨ イロッケ
step by step なら変えちゃえば
飛び跳ねるよ じゃ up in the sky
もっと高く ついて来てよ
I got that thang thang,
if you know what I mean