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can I put you on
Tell you that I love you people
Sing a salesman's song and put you on

And a second cousin works in the pits in Newcastle on Tyne
don't talk sand. 
Don't talk dust, don't talk no man.
Don't talk rules, don't talk vows, don't talk now.

I don't want to hear the same old song
so I can find the secret key and free all the emcees
this planet spins on a thin axis
all axis passes won't help you to grasp the atmos'
I mean,
a bloodthirsty bird of prey.
And I guarantee by spring we'll either be world famous or goddamned dead.
Guitar one fastens languid years to busty bones like dust
in the ketchup your face in the reflection in the mirror

He walked through the rocks, you know
He walked through the scorpion dust
He walks
You are listening to the heartbeat of the Sage
Sage posses the newest and most revolutionary advance in split second presentation
As well as split
improper diction 
I split in & gets ends 
I'm lettin' suckas know 
I'm fin ta buck a bro 
The nigga figga he can dust a pro 
Fessional I test a fool 
ain't runnin' from a motherfucker
Dust a sucker off if he soft then fuck him if he suffer
Another One Bites The Dust like the song say
Bust em in
The first time I went back to homeroom from the hospital
I thought that being more embarrassed was impossible
But God, the second time it really
happy or the fact that she know she gone
Probably some shit we'll never figure out 
I think my mind is plotting plangs and my second mind is trying

Second row of the church with my hood on
My homie used to rap, he was about to get put on
At his funeral, listening to this church song
at seeing something more than day to day
survival, chased by final death
if I believed this the sum
of the life to which we've come,
I wouldn't waste my
Help me get, get the keys to the kingdom, ooh
Help me get, get the keys to the kingdom, ooh
Ah yes, my Lord, ah, oh
Ah yes, my Lord, ah, oh

In God we trust, in God we trust. 
I waited patiently for God to help me 
Then he listened and he heard my cry 
He has given me a new song to sing
feat. Cage, CamuTao

[El-P] (official)
Yo, I touch with rusted clutch, then spun out of the dust
and careen into the temples of automated
whoops that's not the chorus
Run it back, wrong song, yeah disreguard
That whole statement I just made, what yard line we on?
On 5 and our timeouts are
of the morning that passes by through my window
Another child is born, another dies, and still the wind blows
Spin slow, drawn into strong voice of reason

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