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Thrives amongst the Seven Gates
Searching for the keys

I have seen the darkened depths of Hell
Sorcery beyond the witches' spell
I walk the 
Streets of darkness 
Where hell awaits 
Guarded by the mystery 
Just beyond the gates 
Searching for the answer 
Every man must
Searching for time
Empty is your mind

We are charmed by living
Dazzled into giving
All the waste we plan to ignore

Coldness is the virtue
by the hand
Lead you to the Promised Land
And trust Him with your heart
He'll lead you home

Let me take you by the hand
Lead you to the Promised Land
and side by side
They will take me beyond the light

[Repeat x2]
Death is a forecourt to hell,
Where the lost of humanity dwell

Through the shadows
dressed up and no-one with them
Lead them not into temptation
With your tales of hell's damnation

Searching for the long way home
The enemy surrounds the perimeter 
Searching for an op'ning 
Sneaking 'round, tryin' to gain some ground 
He's laying down a smokescreen 
to carry on

We will carry on
Searching for truth with perpetual youth that will fade
And be gone in the blink of an eye
The world will be passing us by
Cold still waters running deep
Pale before the eyes
By the hands that feed
Thunder clouds the skies
Drifting with the tide
place made by Frigidaire
I think I'll try it and give my mates a scare
They'll all be searching neither here nor there

Willie, oh Willie,
Cold still waters running deep
Pale before the eyes
By the hands that feed
Thunder clouds the skies
Drifting with the tide
Time passes right by
The blurring lines of loss
Scared to find the trust
The trust that binds us to one

This is
their love was a lie

Unspoken hate
Tor them apart
They had to wait
The fight couldn't start

Slaved by their descent
Unable to solve
The lightning strikes cracking the night 
It feels like never before 
Thunder and sparks in the heart of the dark 
I hear a rising force. 

Searching my soul
Everyone searching for somebody
Someone to kiss and tell
More often than not
Our heavens turn into hell.

Still the lovers in the
backseats claw
where the sparks would fly
But in stormy weather we stood side by side
Now we're cold and distant
Wtching love roll by
Just when tuth was needed
What the hell was I thinking
That I'd be alright by lying and leaving
What the hell was I thinking
I bid on them all along
The souls I've
Searching my soul I find something else 
I take my life in my hands 
From the gates of Heaven to the altars of Hell 
The Power is at my command.
by the angel who fell 
Who saves me from hell? 
And who is my god? 
And where is my soul? 
Too tired to jump too young to run 

Standing by the ringside
Cheering on the bad guys
Jimmy lights a cigar
Cursing out the old farts
Drinking Johnny Walker Black
Jimmy's been
In the night, the demon's heart
The spawn of hell is born

Creatures of the dead alive
Awakened by his call
Demons out of hell arise
To feast
Figaro, He's got magic oh oh   
Oh oh Figaro, He's a Romeo oh     
See him down on the beach   
He'll be looking for someone new   
Searching down
the lights

All the lights have died
Slow dose of hell stripping what's left
Sleepless for days on end
And ingest life on all sides
I can't be reached in
From the depths of Hell
So far I fell
A deal made with the devil
After all the dust had settled

There's an hourglass of time
Counting down all
been searching for heaven while running from hell
When death finds me
I'll go alone

It's been a while since I closed my eyes
Since I could call