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the booth)
Coming to you live
Seacoast (Seacoast shit, boy)
Stay wavy, that's right, we riding, yuh
to wade across
I paid the fare and wandered off
Down with the beasts of earth we're lost

All I want to do is ride alone along the California seacoast with
Why they called you that funny name
But in every hotel on the seacoast
I found out, and I loved you all the same
I'm tired. I'm worn out
To the waters no one owns
To the land of wind and wave 

All along the seacoast towns
Along the narrowland
They heard a storm was coming down
That’s where I be bitch
I come with heathens
They’ll leave you leaking
Six oh three hey hey six oh three hey hey
I rep the seacoast til I die
I’m the king
Thousands of bullets and tons of steel
Dead bodies spread all over the seacoast
Bloody flesh as far as you can see
The storm will never end run to save his
Moving mountains to the seacoast
David goliath let's cause a riot
Drumline walls down don't change your pivot
We marching for change... we move
they called you that funny name,
but in every hotel on the seacoast
I found out, and I loved you all the same.
I'm tired. I'm worn out.
The sea's
It was a seacoast airstrip
That called to me.
I asked the bottle of gin by my side it's thoughts?
And it agreed.

Now wait just a one goddamned
It all seems hazy like the summer sun
And I'm just a memory
That floated in on a seacoast wind
Through the fog and the factories

Take me as I
a latest baith
“I will love you as the summer sun
That puts the Spring apart in June
A seacoast breeze that mints the spume”
A Midnight Moonlight Dream
in such an easy fight

Easy money easy warmth 
I got easy lines now I save for easy parts
And I get you know more than most
 From sea to seaCoast

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