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worth a bag, we don't give a fuck

On the weekend, yeah I'm chillin' with lil' shawty in the deep end
Yeah, we swimmin' through the light on a seabed
Crawling up the seabed
You and all your secrets

Just enough to take
Not enough to realise
You're living on borrowed time
Put it all at stake
The darkish water grows deeper
As a creeping grim reaper
Seems like I'm falling deeper
Feels like I'm a defenseless
Sleeper on the seabed
you smile 

See these roots made of steel, these paths are deeper than the seabed

It seems I missed your boat standing on the wrong side
as I'm dreaming
Hold me to the floor these thoughts come creeping
Wishing we were floating on a seabed 
Feel it in my core as I am leaving
Nobody is
find you 
Like the glacier 
In the seabed, leaving Canyons 
In your cheekbones 
passing through you 
Like a baby
Getting splinters 

bitter reminders
Of the failed state I'm in

How do I breathe now, how do I inhale?
I'm a diver on the seabed, my oxygen's failed
How do I wake up,
Somewhere over the dunes, love
I walked, I wept
I turn the desert into seabed
I swam from the terrible depths
I don't know whose problem
One vision, one people, one landmass
We are defenseless, we have a lifeline

One ocean, one policy, seabed lies
One passion, one movement, one
Knifing my way through a diamond mine
Dragging those rocks
From seabed to shoreline
Rubies and sapphires from Emerald bay
Stretching across
Full fathom five, on the seabed she lies - the Antoinette!
I sailed with the dawn and the wind blew free
'Cross the bright shining sea
And it
She's in my system
She'll stay there forever
Like a virus in my heart

On a wave
On a wave

At night I'm floating on the seabed
Full fathom five, on the seabed she lies - the Antoinette!
I sailed with the dawn and the wind blew free
'Cross the bright shining sea
And it
to the world
Anchor to the water
Seabed far below
Grass still in his feet
And a smile beneath his brow

This is for long-forgotten
Light at the end of the world
Gotta get up off the seabed
It's time to make amends
People like a river
Flowing to the sea
Making a stand to deliver
A new philosophy
No need to be
on giving me
But you keep on

Marram on the sand dunes
A mother plants a tree
Grains from the seabed are carried in across the breach
A boy's eyes fill with
Now the echoes all come back empty from the sea-bed below

Get your supertrawlers out of our waters
Get your supertrawlers out of our waters

on fire
and fire needs air and wood to thrive
as the water needs the seabed and the salt, and I need your ground
Listen to me now
my feet are cold
Down to the seabed 
A floor made out of molluscs 
And tentacles emerging from
The viscera

I can be your identical 
Press the blade against my chest
深いの Seabed sign

知らない 燃え尽きても
お願い 私を見て
Sail 二人が生んだ孤独
Underwater you swam with me
I saw the ripples of your butterfly kick
In the seabed I drew your face
You drew conclusions I'm not proud of

biscuit town, in biscuit town

You're shallow waters, I'm the deep seabed
And I'm the reason you flow
I got more moons wrapped around my head
Down on the seabed
Crushed by the wave
Twisted for money
Born I a slave
Devil on my back
Underneath my skin
Laugh at affliction
Knock but
these sails
It's down to the seabed we dazzle and fail
Hereafter's bringing more funerals than fairs
And it's a book of blank maps
That's we're using

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